The nature trials around Enel’s power plants begin from the Veneto. The third year of “One on one with energy”, guided tours of the area’s hydroelectric plants. Enel signs an accord with the Piedmont region for the safeguarding of the mountain ranges.

Rome, July 4, 2003

– Summer trails on foot or by bicycle: Enel will once more accompany tourists on mountain paths, along river banks, through nature parks and protected areas. There are 110 excursions to do from Enel’s power plants. They are the paths already in use for plant checks and maintenance that Enel will make available to hikers and bikers wanting to explore areas where energy and nature co-exist.

For 2003 the heart of the initiative is in the Dolomites. Having met with great success in past years, Enel, in agreement with the Tourist office of the province of Belluno, today presented the third edition of "One on one with energy".

The two hydroelectric plants at Malga Ciapela and Soverzene, and the two dams at Fedaia and Pieve de Cadore will be open to visitors, with guided tours. They will be open on Tuesdays and Fridays from July 22 to August 29. Visits and tours are free, as they are in all of Italy. For people who love rock climbing there is free-climbing on the dams of the Veneto: on July 12 at Pieve de Cadore and July 26-27 at Bissina in the Daone valley.

Enel also signed a 3-year agreement with the Piedmont region for the re-qualificaion of 63 mountain trails. They will be fitted with signs and information posters illustrating the characteristics of the route and the surrounding environment, as well as the power plant’s key technical and operational data.

And from June to October "Girarifugi 2003" will be open to travellers crossing the Lombard valleys with visits and guided tours of Enel plants, such as the Dossi plant which has been an integral part of the territory for over 60 years and of the industry of the upper Val Seriana.

Because of the condition of the sites, the presence of flora and fauna, the existence of protection programmes constitute an important part of the country’s natural treasures.

Enel intends, in this way, to provide an environmental enhancement system throughout the country.

Information about the "Natura e Territorio" programme can be found at www.enel.it/natura/.

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