The Enel CEO presented “3C” (Combating Climate Change), a global strategy to combat climate change), supported by 16 of the world’s leading companies, to the European Commission.

Rome, 11 January 2007 – Enel’s CEO, Fulvio Conti, met today with the President of the European Commission, Josè Manuel Barroso, to present the “3C” – Combating Climate Change initiative, a global strategy to combat climate change launched by Vattenfal and supported by Enel and 14 other of the world’s leading companies.

The support for the “3C” initiative is part of the plan to invest more than 4 billion euros to make Enel the world’s most advanced energy company in the search for innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of power generation and distribution.

Conti said: “We are showing our commitment to 3C with a number of concrete projects. Enel has launched a 4 billion euros environmental program focusing on three main areas: renewable energy, energy efficiency and research on zero emissions. We strongly believe all options, including clean coal technologies, the hydrogen frontier and nuclear, should be developed for both combating climate change and increasing security of supply. Governments, producers and users should encourage new solutions and technological innovation. In this framework, Enel has long been involved in the development of projects to increase energy efficiency and energy savings."

The “3C” initiative envisages on-going contacts among the sponsors of the initiative and among the latter, national governments and international institutions. The initiative’s Internet site can be visited at: www.combatclimatechange.org

The companies supporting the “3C” initiative are:

ABB, Alstom, Bayer, Duke Energy, Endesa, Enel, EnBW, E.ON, Eskom, General Electric, Norske Skog, NRG Energy, PG & E, Suez, Wallenius Lines and Vattenfall.

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