Even under the new regulatory mechanism, which includes “external causes”, the interruptions experienced by Enel customers decreased even further in 2006 to 51 minutes a year

The company plans to invest some 6 billion euros by 2011 to upgrade its network

Rome, 18 June 2007 – Enel continues to improve its service continuity. In 2006, despite the fact that the new regulatory mechanism includes interruptions previously attributed to “external causes” in the calculation, the total duration of interruptions for Enel customers decreased from 63 minutes in 2005 to 51 minutes last year, compared with the target of 79 minutes set by the Authority for Electricity and Gas.

Enel plans a major network investment programme in the coming years, with a commitment of about 6 billion euros through 2011. The investment will enable the company to continue the trend in service quality, where Enel is now an example of excellence at the European level.

Last year, customers in the South saw quality improve markedly, with an average decrease in interruptions of 16 minutes. Service continuity was even better than the national average in some regions of the South. For example, the average total duration was 28 minutes in Molise and 48 in Basilicata. Abruzzo improved drastically, with interruptions plunging from 106 minutes in 2005 to 56 last year.

In central Italy, the average duration of total interruptions fell by nearly 20 minutes. Better than average performance was recorded in Umbria, with 34 minutes, Tuscany, with 39 and the Marche, with 41, while Lazio saw interruptions fall from 79 minutes in 2005 to 55 last year.

Record results were posted in the North, which had an overall average of 34 minutes of annual service interruptions. Friuli registered 21 minutes of service outage, Lombardy 28 and Emilia Romagna 24, less than half the national average. 

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