For the families who choose to pass on to the free market with Enel Energia, an offer for the home which gives you savings in your bills and helps the national electrical systems to achieve a better balance while getting a great deal of innovative services

Rome, 1 October 2007 – Following the success of the first sales campaign which saw, in only three months, more than 250,000 families sign up for “Energia Pura Casa” and “Vantaggio 5+” offers which were aimed at residential customers who chose to pass to the free market with Enel, “Bioraria” has now arrived.

The new proposal is the outcome of careful attention to customers’ needs, which have emerged in these first months of the sales campaign, supported by certainty of a fixed price, and the simplicity of the offer, as well as the chance of savings by means of a careful management of consumption throughout the entire day.

Continuing to focus on the client and his expectations, Bioraria is the new offer which allows customers to save on their bill if electrical power is used between 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. during working days, during the entire weekend and holidays. It also gives the customer the certainty of a fixed price of electricity which is frozen for two years, thus protecting them from variations in the cost of electrical energy (*). Those who choose Bioraria are contributing to a better balance of the national electrical system, because it shifts consumption to hours in which there is lower demand and at a cheaper cost.

In order to further “reward” those clients who choose to use electricity in the most rational way, a welcome Enelpremia bonus of 500 Energy Points, and another 1,000 points will be awarded to those who sign up over the Internet, and subscribe to the offer on the www.enelenergia.it site.

Enelpremia is the program which allows you to accumulate Energy Points in order to win prizes for your house and free time and also gives you special advantages for your own purchases thanks to agreements with nation-wide stores, or bonuses directly in your electricity bills.

* The cost of electrical energy, refers to that part of expenditures, which take into account the current reference tariff issued by the Electrical Energy and Gas Regulatory Authority, on the purchase costs and sale of electrical power, net of transport and dispatch costs.

The “Energia Pura Casa”, offer, dedicated to those residential clients who are especially sensitive to environmental issues also remains in effect. Here, the electrical power supplied by Enel is compensated by Recs (Renewable Energy Certificates), special certificates issued by an international system of certification which involves 18 European countries, which was set up in order to voluntarily finance, the generation of green energy. “Energia Pura Casa” also foresees that the price of electricity will be frozen for two years.

In addition to the “Bioraria” and “Energia Pura Casa” offers concerning electrical energy, Enel is also proposing the offer of gas dedicated to the families which already used gas for cooking or heating, but who are not yet clients of Enel Energia. “Vantaggio5 +” offers a discount of 5% on the price of gas.

By asking for “EnergiaPura casa”, you can get a bonus of 2,000 Energy Points. For those who, on the other hand sign up for “Vantaggio5+” the bonus is 500 Energy Points. As is the case of “Bioraria”, if you sign up on-line on www.enelenergia.it, you will be awarded a further 1,000 Energy Points for each supply.

The offers are described in detail on the web site www.enelenergia.it. Again, on the site, you can sign up on-line and later on use web and mobile phone services which are being increasingly expanded and integrated.

The toll-free number – 800 900 860 – is also available to Enel free market clients. Operators are available from 8.00 am to 6:00 pm. Customers may also benefit of the many  PuntoEnel outlets and Enel si stores, with their expert staff. In order to discover which is the nearest PuntoEnel outlet or Enel si shop, you need only visit the www.enelenergia.it site.

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