Residential customers that opt to switch to the free market with Enel Energia will receive an offer of a 2-year fixed price for residential electricity and gas service.

Milan, 30 January 2008 – Following the successful commercial campaign begun 1 July 2007 which saw over 800,000 households sign up for offers targeted at residential customers who opt to switch to the free market with Enel Energia, the company now has a new offer—EnergiaSicura—which gives all households the chance to freeze the price of electricity and gas service for two years.

The new offer aims at responds to the growing need of all consumers to protect themselves from ever-rising energy costs and to know in advance how much their bills will be for the reasonably foreseeable future. In contrast to the conditions set and updated quarterly by the Electricity and Gas Authority (which have risen considerably over the past quarters), Enel Energia’s offer guarantees to all residential customers who use electricity and/or gas that the cost of the raw material for them will not increase for two years.

This is absolutely the first nationwide fixed-price dual energy offer for residential customers. In addition to a cheap, certain price, customers also benefit from the simplicity that comes with having just one provider, one contact center, and, if they want, one bill which can also be sent via the Internet.

This new offer is also the result of the success of AnnoSicuro and AnnoSicuro Gas, fixed-price offers targeted at small and medium-sized companies. Currently, more than 1.2 million companies and professionals have switched to the free market with Enel Energia.

Under the name “EnergiaSicura”, residential customers still have the power to choose the Bioraria offer which combines the security of a fixed price with price differentiation based on periods of use, allowing significant savings for everyone who is at home mainly in the evenings (between 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.), on weekends and holidays. In order to save on their electricity bills, customers must shift at least 67% of their consumption to the lower cost periods. Obviously, the more customers are able to use certain appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers during those hours, the greater their savings. All customers with a smart meter may sign up for Bioraria. Currently, Enel has installed more than 30 million electronic meters. Consumers can learn whether their electrical meter is a smart meter by checking the “Customer Information” section of your bill or going to the www.enelenergia.it website.

There is also something new in the area of environmental protection. From today, all the electricity offers are RECS certified. Just like the EnergiaPura Casa available since 1 July 2007, consumption by Bioraria-participating customers is also certified by RECS, the international certification system adopted by 25 European countries created to finance, on a voluntary basis, the generation of electricity using water, sunlight, wind and geothermal heat.

In order to further “reward” those customers who choose to use electricity in the most rational way, a “welcome” bonus of 500 Energy Points will be given to new Enelpremia program participants and another 500 points will be awarded to those who sign up for the offer over the www.enelenergia.it website, allowing for a starting bonus of up to 2000 points.

Enelpremia is the Enel Energia program which allows customers to accumulate Energy Points in order to win prizes for the home and leisure time and also gives customers special advantages on their purchases thanks to agreements with nation-wide stores, or bonuses directly on their electricity bills. One of the best parts of the program is that customers can speed up point collection by adding on gas services.

The offers are described in detail on the www.enelenergia.it website where customers can sign up online and later use web and mobile phone services which are being increasingly expanded and integrated.

The toll-free number – 800 900 860 – is also available to Enel Energia customers. Operators are available from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 pm. Customers may also visit our many PuntoEnel outlets and Enel.Si stores, and our expert Enel Energia agents. In order to discover the nearest PuntoEnel outlet or Enel.Si shop, visit www.enelenergia.it.

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