- “Energy and the future Silicon Valley” is the title of a debate to be held on 5 February at 18:00 at the Enel Auditorium in Viale Regina Margherita in Rome.
- The participants include the editor of Wired magazine, Chris Anderson, and the director of Giornale Radio Rai, Antonio Caprarica.

Rome, 2 February 2009 - The recession has arrived late at the gates of Silicon Valley, but it looks set to stay for a long time. Hi-tech giants like Intel and Microsoft are firing thousands of employees, while start-ups are cutting jobs in an attempt to survive. But the "green revolution" announced by Barack Obama promises to revive the economy with clean energy, energy savings and technological innovation, transforming the old Silicon Valley into a Sun Valley.

"Energy and the future Silicon Valley" is a conversation hosted by Enel (Thursday, 5 February, 18:00 at the Auditorium in Viale Regina Margherita, 125 in Rome) on new technologies and policy and economic choices.

The debate begins with the strip of land in northern California that is home to so many prominent technology names such as Google and Amazon in order to undertake a journey along the new frontiers of energy. The featured guest, Chris Anderson, editor of Wired, the most famous US technology magazine, will be interviewed by the director of Radiouno and Giornale Radio, Antonio Caprarica.

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