¿ The electricity and gas company has launched numerous initiatives for energy savings and efficiency. These range from the programme for the free distribution over the last three years of 31 million low-consumption light bulbs and faucet aerators to the www.ecodieta.it site offering suggestions on how to reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions associated with our daily activities.
¿ And tomorrow, an Enel web TV special on energy savings and a home page feature with important tips for saving energy.

Rome, 12 February 2009 – Once again this year, Enel is participating in "M'illumino di meno" with a web TV initiative aimed at 30 thousand employees, devoting an entire broadcast to energy savings and efficiency. In addition to reviewing the company’s most recent initiatives in this field, the programme will offer tips on how to consume less energy and, why not, save on the electricity bill. Those recommendations will be published on the home page of Enel’s website (http://www.enel.it/sportello_online/elettricita/sicurezzarisparmio/impara_giocando) dedicated to energy savings and www.ecodieta.it, the site that, using 3D digital animation, enables visitors to navigate through a house containing numerous items associated with typical daily activities and see the energy impact they have.

Since its launch in mid-November 2008, the latter site has prompted considerable interest, as demonstrated by the number of visitors – around 106 thousand – with 465 thousand page views.

Entering www.ecodieta.it, visitors open the door on a virtual apartment: in the various rooms of the house you can simulate activities such as bathing, cooking or turning appliances on and off, while outside the house you can experiment with using different means of transport.

Thanks to a handy "ecocalculator", developed in collaboration with AzzeroCO2 – an energy service company specialised in neutralising greenhouse gas emissions through projects that use renewable energy resources, energy saving measures and forestation in Italy and abroad – users are offered a range of suggestions to reduce their production of CO2 by 20%, the same target that, thanks to substantial investments to modernise its power plants, was achieved by Enel in 2007, in accordance with the undertaking with the Ministries for the Environment and for Economic Development.

To date, the living room, dining room and bedroom are the most popular rooms, with visitors spending the most time there. The English version of the site is also receiving visits from foreign countries, mainly European, such as France, the UK, Germany and Switzerland.

The site offers numerous useful tips to help you save on your bills as well as reduce emissions. Lowering the thermostat just one degree, from 21 to 20, can avoid up to 300 kg of CO2 per year. The same rule also applies to air conditioners: turning off them for four hours a day for the four summer months saves over 300 kg of CO2 per year.

Replacing traditional incandescent light bulbs with low-consumption fluorescent bulbs and installing faucet aerators also saves money and contributes to the fight against global warming. In the last three years Enel has distributed 31 million low-consumption, high-efficiency light bulbs and faucet aerators for free, generating savings of more than 2.3 billion kilowatt hours, equivalent to about 1,300,000 tons of CO2 avoided.

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