Rome, 29 May 2009 - The energy of a message of light sweeping across four continents is the theme of the new international brand campaign that Enel will launch abroad on Monday, 1 June, after the Italian launch.

The new spot follows the journey of a luminous message that starts off from the room of an Italian child and beams its way to the Enel overseas office where dad works. The message is in fact the good night wishes that the little girl is sending to her far-away father.

During this metaphoric journey, accompanied by the sweet notes of the song Far Far by the young French-Israeli singer Yael Naim, the light visits different countries, representing Enel’s presence around the world.

The spot ends with the message: DEVELOPING ENERGY FOR GENERATIONS TO COME.

The campaign uses the metaphor of the message of light to depict the "journey" undertaken by Enel, which has grown from its origins as a major Italian company to become an increasingly international presence, operating in 22 countries and in the process becoming an even stronger enterprise. It is a company that looks far into the future and pursues its goals with determination and skill, the same determination with which the girl sends her message to the other side of the world.

The spot was shot entirely in Spain – where Enel recently acquired control of Endesa, the leader in the Spanish energy market – at Santander, La Muela (Zaragoza), at Endesa’s wind plant, Bilbao, Guadalajara and Madrid.

Even more symbolic is the creative idea driving the parallel press campaign, which focuses on the growth and strength of Enel and has been appearing in major pan-European and main national news and business press in Spain, Romania, Slovakia, Russia since Tuesday, 2 June. The concept is represented by a man sowing seeds of light in a ploughed field. The seeds, the symbol of the growth of Enel, show the numbers and achievements of the company over the past months, as well as information on investments and the size Enel has reached. It is an epic, even visionary, campaign but at the same time it is founded on real data and solid results.

The title "Our Field. Our vision. Everyone’s future." expresses the vision, commitment and awareness of a solid and responsible company. The baseline contains the claim of the TV spot, which communicates Enel’s nature as a company that does not rest on its laurels and always looks to the future.
In a second version, we will see the same character reaping the rewards of his planting. Thus Enel’s light develops from seed into fruit, growing to cover an entire field with glowing waves of grain ready to be harvested.

The web campaign uses some of the elements of the animated TV commercials to lend creative and symbolic emphasis to Enel’s assets and its international presence.

In addition to the TV, print and web advertising, the campaign, devised by creative agency Saatchi&Saatchi, will appear in billboards at the main international airports across Europe: London, Paris, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Vienna, Frankfurt, Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia.
For the first time, the brand campaign will be featured on European media, but also in Latin America, on pan-regional TV, pan-regional and national press in El Salvador, Argentina, Chile as well as on pan-regional websites, starting from mid-June.

Creative agency: Saatchi&Saatchi
Creative director: Agostino Toscana, Alessandro Orlandi
TV campaign:
Art Director: Luca Pannese - Copywriter: Luca Lorenzini
Director: Federico Brugia
Director of photography: Pedro Del Rey
Production company: The Family
Music: "Far Far" by Yael Naim / David Donatien, artist Yael Naim
Print campaign
Art director: Frances Risoli - copywriter Laura Palombi
Photographer: Leonardo Vilela (Platinum).
Web campaign
Art director: Manuel Musilli - Copywriter Laura Sordi

Media planning - Vizeum.


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