- Financial statements at 31st December 2009 approved; dividend of 0.25 euros per share for full-year 2009 resolved (0.10 euros already paid as interim dividend in November 2009 and the balance of 0.15 euros to be paid in the month of June 2010).
- New Board of Statutory Auditors appointed for 2010-2012.
- Harmonization of the Bylaws and Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations with the provisions of Legislative Decree n. 27/2010 (implementing Directive 2007/36/EC, regarding the exercise of several rights of shareholders of listed companies) approved.

Rome, 29th April 2010 – The Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting of Enel S.p.A. met today in Rome under the chairmanship of Piero Gnudi.

The Ordinary Meeting first approved the financial statements of Enel S.p.A. at 31st  December 2009, while the consolidated financial statements of the Enel Group were presented.
Acting on a proposal of the Board of Directors, the shareholders then approved a dividend for full-year 2009 of 0.25 euros per share and the distribution of 0.15 euros per share as the balance, taking account of the interim dividend of 0.10 euros per share already paid in November 2009. The balance of the dividend will be paid as from 24th June 2010, with an ex-dividend date of 21st June (coupon no. 16).

The Shareholders’ Meeting also appointed a new Board of Statutory Auditors, which will be composed of Sergio Duca (appointed as Chairman as drawn from the minority slate presented by a group of institutional investors), Carlo Conte and Gennaro Mariconda as regular Auditors (both confirmed in the office and drawn from the slate presented by the Company reference shareholder, the Ministry of Economy and Finance), as well as Antonia Francesca Salsone and Franco Tutino as alternate Auditors (drawn, respectively, from the aforementioned slates presented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and a group of institutional investors). The above mentioned Board of Statutory Auditors will remain in office until the approval of the 2012 financial statements. The slates from which the members of the new Board were elected and the biographies of the latter are available on Enel’s website (www.enel.com).

Moreover, acting on a proposal of the Board of Directors, the shareholders approved some amendments of the Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations (in ordinary session) and Company’s Bylaws (in extraordinary session) in order to harmonize their contents with the changes in the discipline of shareholders’ meeting of listed companies introduced by Legislative Decree n. 27 of January 27th 2010 on the “Implementation of Directive 2007/36/EC”. In accordance with the enactment provisions of Legislative Decree n. 27/2010, the aforesaid amendments of the Shareholders’ Meeting Regulations and Company’s Bylaws shall apply to Enel’s Shareholders’ Meetings whose notice is published after 31st October 2010.

Finally, the Board of Directors reserved the power to adopt – by the deadline of 31st October 2010 and taking in consideration the completion by that date of the legislative framework and the suggestions received from professional associations, if any – some further amendments of the Company’s Bylaws in order to harmonize it with regulatory provisions of Legislative Decree n. 27/2010, availing itself of the power that at this regard both the law and the Bylaws grant to the Board of Directors.

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