The new Energia Tutto Compreso Green all-inclusive plan offers the supply 100% renewable energy, eliminating CO2 emissions. The bonuses that reward careful consumption each year also get bigger: 2 months of standard consumption free to customers who stay within their standard monthly consumption level for the entire year and 1 month for gas customers who stay within their standard annual consumption level. The latter also get a 50% "summer" discount on the price of the standard consumption level they have selected.

Milan, April 22nd, 2010 – Energia Tutto Compreso, Enel Energia's energy plan that offers families a fixed price for the entire year, inclusive of all items in the bill (excluding taxes and VAT), becomes the first completely "environmentally sustainable" offer in the country.

Thanks to an operating procedure for managing supplies from plants powered by renewable resources developed and certified by Enel Energia in collaboration with a certification body, those who sign up for Energia Tutto Compreso Green will know that their electricity is being generated entirely from renewable resources.
Even the CO2 produced by issuing bills and generation plants will be offset through a an emissions reduction system.

But that's not all. To reward careful use of electricity each year even more, all customers whose total use of electricity does not exceed the ceiling for the standard annual consumption level they have selected will receive a free month of standard consumption. Those who do not exceed their monthly level at any time for a year will receive two free months of standard consumption.
The gas sector will also offer a bonus rewarding the informed use of natural gas: all customers who stay within their contractual standard consumption level for the year will receive a month of standard consumption for free. They will also receive a 50% discount on the price of their standard consumption level for the summer months.

There are four levels of standard consumption - Small, Medium, Large and Extralarge – from which customers can choose the solution that best suits their habits, both for electricity and gas. Choosing the most appropriate level is simple: the website enelenergia.it allows customers to select their level using a simulator, helping them optimise their choice. And if they choose the wrong "size", it can be changed at absolutely no charge.

"With the new Tutto Compreso range, Enel confirms its constant attention to environmental issues and energy saving", says Gian Filippo Mancini, Head of Enel's Sales Division. "For the first time in Italy, families have the opportunity to sign up for a plan for electricity produced entirely from renewable resources, with zero CO2 emissions. With the bonus granted for the entire duration of the contract, we want to give our customers a tangible benefit and share our concern for the careful, informed use of energy. It represents a development in our flagship products in the direction of the fundamental values that guide our strategies: environmental responsibility, quality, simplicity, convenience and friendliness, to consolidate our leadership and confirm our growth rates in the residential market."

Today, Enel Energia supplies over 4.5 million residential households with electricity or gas plus over 1.5 million businesses, for a total of 6 million customers.

Customers who choose Enel Energia will also benefit from the renovated opportunities offered by Enelpremia and Enelmia.
More than 2 million customers have already enrolled in the Enelpremia loyalty programme, under which customers earn points that can be exchanged for additional discounts on their bills or prizes for their homes and leisure.
Customers can sign up for the new offers online by visiting the enelenergia.it, or call the toll-free number 800 900 860 to talk directly with one of our 3,000 operators. For those who prefer the reassurance of a face-to-face meeting to make their choice, Enel Energia has more than 2,000 agents and 700 Enel.si stores and PuntoEnel points with expert staff available to provide all information you need to decide. To find the PuntoEnel or Enel.si store closest to you, just visit enelenergia.it.


The CO2 produced by issuing bills and the operation of generation plants will be offset by a corresponding purchase of VERs or CERs, using a system which ensures that projects meet strict reliability criteria, achieving an effective reduction in greenhouse gases.
Any bonus amount corresponding to the selected standard consumption level will be granted at the end of each year of supply, both for electricity and gas.
Signing up for the Enel Energia offers by customers in the enhanced protection system involves their transfer to the free market.


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