Certification extended to cover over 1,000 Group properties.

Rome, January 31st, 2011 - Enel Servizi Srl, the Enel Group company in charge of managing real estate and facilities, IT services, training, administration and procurement for the group, has achieved ISO 14001 certification for over 1,000 Group-managed properties. This certification follows the certification obtained in 2009 for the vehicle fleet, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and procurement.

An environmental management system enables the achievement of more efficient consumption of energy (power, fuel consumed by canteens and heating), water and enhanced levels of separated waste collection at all Enel properties and locations.

The main benefits of certification consist of environmental improvements, more efficient management of environment-related regulatory and legal requirements, and reduced waste and costs. Awareness-raising and training programmes on these topics are being prepared for all Enel staff.

As part of the environmental management process, mobility management policies are being implemented (acquisition of public transport season tickets, joining car sharing and bike sharing schemes, and organizing car pooling in Rome), alongside activities designed to optimize the management of the company’s fleet of vehicles (by selecting models of car that generate the lowest environmental impact and giving lessons on safe and environmentally-friendly driving).

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