Enel Energia and Enel Servizio Elettrico gain further prestige with the award of the international benchmark for quality

Rome, 4th January 2011 - Enel gains further prestige with the award of the international benchmark for quality. Enel Energia and Enel Servizio Elettrico, the two companies in the Group handling the supply of energy on the free and regulated markets respectively, have been awarded ISO 9001 Certification, endorsing the quality standards of their customer services operations.

Enel Energia has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification for the first time, in recognition of its business know-how, having proved itself capable of optimising its organisation which now boasts an ideally structured and efficient management, with the right skills base to achieve its goal of fully meeting all its customers’ needs in today’s competitive environment. 

Enel Servizio Elettrico has had its existing certification renewed under the latest update to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard, thus confirming the company’s commitment to improving and promoting its Quality Management System, something that has always been at the heart of its business strategy.

In both cases, certification has been awarded for customer relations operations, delivered via the Punti Enel (contact points for customers) and Contact Center, representing a guarantee for the over 30 million customers who contact our 131 Punti Enel located all over Italy or who call the special toll free numbers (Enel Energia: 800 900 860; Enel Servizio Elettrico: 800 900 800).

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