Smart and Enel respond to strong demand from the Italian public by adding an additional forty cars to the smart electric drive fleet
The extra vehicles, rechargeable via an Enel infrastructure, will be on the road by the end of 2011.

Rome, May 11th,  2011 – The e-mobility Italy project has outstripped expectations and will now see as many as 140 electric Smart cars arriving on the Italian market, forty more than originally planned at project launch. This decision has been taken today after massive oversubscription during the reservations phase on the www.e-mobilityitaly.it website, the satisfaction of early adopters, and interest in zero emission mobility from the public and national and local government.

These forty vehicles will be delivered before the end of 2011, during the run-up to the official launch of smart electric drive at smart showrooms, at a time when Enel is expanding its recharging infrastructure. Smart and Enel have teamed up to turn e-mobility Italy into the world’s largest integrated electric mobility pilot project. The project has distributed and promoted the efficient use of electric vehicles by leveraging leading-edge recharging technology via the development of tailor-made infrastructure that delivers intelligent and secure services.

Within the project framework, Daimler is supplying and maintaining 140 electric vehicles for the Italian market project. Enel is developing, creating and operating an infrastructure of some 400 dedicated recharging points and its central control system. The three cities selected for the project – Rome, Milan and Pisa – ideally represent different Italian lifestyles and ways of living.

More than 2,200 people applied to drive one of the initial 100 electric Smarts by registering on www.e-mobilityitaly.it, the dedicated website where in late 2009 a campaign was launched to choose Italy’s first “electric drivers”. The project went live on October 2010. To date, over 50 vehicles have been delivered to private and corporate drivers; in the pilot cities, some 130 public and private recharging points are up and running.

The e-mobility Italy project smart fortwo electric drive is available for a 400 euro monthly fee (plus VAT) covering hire, standard maintenance, a replacement vehicle, and a project-long warranty. In partnership with the Fondazione Iteralia and the Unipol Gruppo Finanziario’s UGF Assicurazioni, this fee also includes dedicated third-party, fire and theft insurance coverage. Vehicles are fitted with a 30 kW (41 CV) zero-emissions engine and a groundbreaking 17kWh lithium ion battery capable of a 135 km range. The 100 km/h top speed is sufficient for city and trunk road use.

Electric recharging terms and conditions are particularly advantageous: for just 25 euros per month including VAT and tax, drivers can fill up on unlimited electricity from renewables from all public or private Enel infrastructure points via a flat-rate promotional offer inclusive of all installation and connection costs. Drivers can be sure they will be able to recharge their vehicles in a way that meets their specific needs and lifestyles, either through specially-designed home stations for vehicle recharging in private garages and company car parks, or at recharge points in specially-equipped areas in the three cities where the pilot project is being run.

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