Adding to Enel’s web TV service, it is the first corporate radio network in Italy and opens a new page in corporate interaction and communication.

Rome, June 20th, 2011 – From June 21st, Enel.radio, a radio network dedicated to Enel employees, will be going live. The network is a first for Enel and Italian companies in general, and aims to offer a broad forum for interaction and participation for Enel co-workers.

Enel’s web radio adds to Enel’s web TV service, which was created in 2000 and is now an established tool for internal communication.

"The launch of the radio network will open a new page in our corporate communications", said Maria Cristina Milano, head of Enel's Internal Communication unit. "We are expanding from web TV to an integrated network, which will enable us to reach all Enel employees and put them in touch with each other, including through the creation of mobile stations. People who work with the company will be both actors and audience, and will be able to add content, offering live accounts of the Enel events in which they are participating. Thus, Enel.radio will be a radio network of all and for all."

Listeners can tune into Enel.radio through the corporate intranet from any computer and, in the near future, from common areas such as cafeterias, bars, auditoriums and entrances. The goal is to encourage the habit of listening to Enel’s world while working or on the move, developing synergies with the TV service and the corporate intranet.

Enel.radio will initially be broadcast only in Italy, but it will soon also reach Enel's foreign subsidiaries.

Enel.radio's programming begins with "Good morning Enel," a live daily programme with news, guests, commentary, music, weather forecasts, press reviews, and local reports. There will be five daily transmissions of the radio news programme, with reports from Italy and the world, with an emphasis on news involving the world of energy. "Community on air" is a live programme that aims to involve listeners and online communities. Space will also be devoted to culture with "Enel on air", a programme involving guests from the worlds of entertainment, literature and art.

The radio and web TV services are "twin" channels: users can find them at the centre of the intranet home page and choose which media format they prefer, with an on-demand section that enables them to replay their favourite programmes.

The first interview conducted by Enel.radio will focus on the company's CEO, Fulvio Conti.

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