Memorandum of understanding signed to equip the metropolitan area for sustainable mobility.
200 interoperable recharge points for electric vehicles.

Rome, April 3rd, 2012 – Roma Capitale (the municipal authority for the city of Rome), Enel and Acea forge an alliance to give a major boost to sustainable mobility. This is the aim of the memorandum of understanding signed today at the city of Rome’s municipal headquarters by the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, Fulvio Conti, CEO of Enel, and Marco Staderini,  CEO of Acea.
Also present at the signing of the agreement were Marco Visconti, Rome City Councillor for the Environment, and Livio Gallo, Director of the Infrastructure and Networks Division of Enel.

The agreement will pave the way for the installation of 200 recharge points for electric vehicles in Rome, 100 by Enel and 100 by Acea, all equipped with technology guaranteeing interoperability not only between the infrastructure of the two companies, but also with the recharge points already installed by Enel as part of the E-Mobility Italy project.

By sharing interoperable recharge technology, Enel and Acea will be able to deliver considerable logistic and economic advantages since drivers of electric vehicles will be able to recharge them from either Enel or Acea infrastructure, in both Rome and its neighbouring municipalities, using a single card and paying for recharges conveniently in their power bills according to the contract signed with their energy provider. Moreover, the integrated technology used by the Enel and Acea recharge infrastructure will allow many motorists who live outside Rome and work in the capital, and vice versa, to chose electric mobility.

The signing of the agreement goes together with the first major pilot project, the only one of its kind in Italy in this sector, in which the historic Roman market of San Cosimato, served by the Acea distribution network, will be equipped with zero-emissions vehicles from Guidonia, a municipality served by the Enel Distribution network, where the large food market consortium Centro Agrolimentare di Roma is located.

The network of 200 Enel and Acea recharge points, the largest on Italian public soil, will be made possible thanks to the commitment made by Roma Capitale in coordinating, planning and speeding up infrastructure installation procedures. Roma Capitale is also committed to promoting e-mobility through an awareness-raising campaign to encourage municipal companies to switch to zero-emissions vehicles for their own fleets.

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