Italian Interior Minister Annamaria Cancellieri and Enel CEO Fulvio Conti signed a protocol on legality to combat the risk of criminal infiltration.
Specific operations planned through the involvement of local prefect’s offices and the setting up of a new control centre.

Rome, May 2nd, 2012 – Today, Enel CEO Fulvio Conti and Italian Minister of Interior Annamaria Cancellieri signed a framework protocol on legality at the national level for the prevention and reduction of the risk of infiltration and interference of organised crime in Enel’s operations and activities.
The agreement is an innovative example of a partnership between the government and the private sector to prevent or mitigate the potential risk of organised crime infiltrating Enel’s operations. The agreement applies the content of the EU Council Resolution of April 29th, 2004 (C116/07), encouraging member states to develop public-private sector partnerships, with the aim of reducing the negative effects of organised crime on the corporate world.

The protocol involves action on two levels: at a central level, a direct partnership between the Ministry of the Interior and Enel, and at local level, by means of individual partnership agreements between prefect’s offices and local branches of Enel. In addition to setting up a direct relationship, the agreement provides for the setting up of a dedicated control centre to monitor activities and identify strategic objectives, and to facilitate targeted agreements with local prefect’s offices.

A number of different fields of application are covered by the protocol, which will enable more rapid and incisive action to be taken in the event of the theft of materials utilized in electricity infrastructure, particularly copper cabling. Also covered are attacks threatening the security of power plants, electricity theft and fraud, fraudulent contracts for the proper disposal of waste, undocumented labour and work safety on construction sites and also cases of bribery and corruption in the administrative procedures for the awarding and execution of contracts.

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