Enel 5.0, the high-tech travelling road show was inaugurated in Naples today by Mayor Luigi De Magistris and Enel Director of External Relations, Gianluca Comin, on the first stop of the tour marking the company’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

Naples, May 31st, 2012 – In the presence of Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of Naples, and Gianluca Comin, Enel Director of External Relations, Naples was the venue for today’s inauguration of Enel 5.0, the high-tech travelling road show which can also be visited online at enelcinquepuntozero.it, to mark the start of the celebrations for the company’s first 50 years.

Enel 5.0 is an interactive exhibition, set to tour eight Italian cities to tell visitors all about Enel’s role in the socio-economic development of Italy, tracing its history but also drawing their attention to future scenarios. Enel 5.0 will be open to the public in Naples, free of charge, from Thursday May 31st, to Sunday June 3rd, at Rotonda Diaz, Lungomare Caracciolo, from  10 am to midnight.

Today’s inauguration ceremony marks the start of a whole series of events taking place all over Italy, culminating in the “Celebration day” in Rome on December 6th, day in which the company was officially established.

Founded in 1962, after an historic political debate that led to the nationalisation of 1,300 local electricity companies, creating an energy infrastructure capable of linking up the whole of the country as well as boosting development. 50 years on, Enel is now Italy’s largest electricity company and one of the main players at global level.

The “travelling exhibition” is set to visit a number of Italian cities and town squares from the end of May to December 2012, recounting the success story of the company as it has evolved, first in Italy and then worldwide, focusing on the milestones that have marked electricity as a key determining factor in economic and socio-cultural development. Enel’s history is inextricably linked with that of Italy and with so many of the most significant changes and developments: from the impact of new domestic appliances on consumers and Italian lifestyles, to the economic boom of the 1960s, to the first stirrings of an environmental conscience and, most recently, to the globalisation of markets and the new challenges posed by technological innovation and sustainability.
Enel 5.0 is an interactive “exhibition” in which visitors are free to explore a mine of information and enjoy a real hands-on experience. A high-tech journey, which visitors activate for themselves, that retraces the history of both the company and its people, using state-of-the-art interactive technology such as augmented reality, and also social activities. On the outside a huge LED wall will display various animations.
The chronological route has 5 stops along the way, reconstructing the history of the company.

Italy with a national grid: Enel has been established, its mission to achieve nationwide electrification. The ready availability of electricity brings with it new customs and lifestyles, such as the gradual emancipation of women, supported by the introduction of domestic appliances.

The energy miracle: by the mid-1960s Italy is booming and, as part of this economic miracle, the country takes the historic leap from fossil fuels to hydroelectric power, key to the support of the country’s industrial development.

A time for reflection. The 1970s see a worldwide revolution in attitudes and the search for a high standard of living that was not purely economically driven. The energy crisis highlighted the need to find alternatives and it was in this decade that Enel initiated its research into energy from renewable sources with the first industrial-scale applications being unveiled in the 1980s.
Energy without borders. The 1990s saw boundaries crossed and the opening up of markets, with the end of monopolies and the dawn of globalisation, triggering new processes of deregulation and internationalisation. Energy-saving becomes an increasingly important issue.
A new electric age. The last part of the journey looks forward to the future and to the new technologies that will find in electricity the most effective energy vehicle for a sustainable world.
After the first stop in Naples (May 31st –June 3rd), the Enel 5.0 tour will move on to Bologna (June 14th -17th), Rimini (August 19th -25th), Florence (September), Milan (October), Genoa (October 25th –November 4th), Catania (November), Rome (December 6th -9th).

Enel 5.0 in Naples
Rotonda Diaz, Lungomare Caracciolo
May 31st –June 3rd 2012, from 10 am to midnight, free entry

Enel is Italy’s largest power company, and one of Europe’s main listed utilities. It is an integrated player, active in the power and gas sectors. Enel today operates in 40 countries worldwide, has over 97,000 MW of net installed capacity and sells power and gas to around 61 million customers.

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