At the Rimini meeting, a new milestone reached in the memorandum of understanding for sustainable mobility signed by Enel and the Emilia Romagna regional authority. Inauguration of the new recharge station at Rimini Fiera.

Rimini, 21st August 2012 – Once again Rimini leads the way in electric mobility. Rimini Fiera, the leading player in environmental sustainability, hosting such international trade fairs as “Ecomondo” and “Key Energy”, is the latest stage in the joint project, aimed at zero-emissions mobility, for partners Enel and the Emilia Romagna regional authority.

Following installation of the recharge station in Via Beccadelli on the promenade, the station inaugurated at the Rimini Fiera exhibition centre is the second in a project which, by the end of 2012, will see a network of 20 recharge stations for electric vehicles, located at strategic points for urban traffic, up and running. The project focuses on technological innovation in support of the town’s traditional role as one of Italy’s most dynamic holiday resorts and conference venues.

The Enel infrastructure is highly innovative with a smart, entirely remotely controlled system for recharging electric vehicles. Users are identified by their personal card, making the station simple and secure to use. The station inaugurated in Rimini will further the development of e-mobility in and around the exhibition centre, providing internal logistics promoting low environmental impact for both visitors and goods traffic. Its strategic location close to the exhibition’s own railway station will also provide support for the concept of an all electric transport chain.

Rimini is one of the ten major towns involved in the memorandum of understanding signed by Enel and the Emilia Romagna regional authority and launched in 2010. This is the first European e-mobility project on a regional scale and it marks a giant leap forward for zero-emissions mobility. Thanks to the infrastructure installed along the length of the regional artery, Via Emilia, which provides a system of interoperable recharge stations that do not restrict customers to the recharge points in their home town or to those of individual power distribution companies, it thus allows drivers greater freedom of movement without extra charges or bureaucratic complications.

This high-profile regional project has attracted the attention of the Electricity and Gas Authority (l’Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica e il Gas) which has awarded the project a grant to support trials of public recharge systems.

“As this new recharge station comes online”, comments Livio Gallo, Director of Enel’s Infrastructure and Networks Division, “the Emilia Romagna-Enel e-mobility project gathers further momentum, boosting our commitment to trialling and installing electric vehicle recharge systems using more innovative technology. The interoperability of the recharge infrastructure will be of particular benefit to the residents of Bologna, Rimini, Reggio Emilia, Imola, Modena and Piacenza who will be able to “fill up” with electric power in any of these six towns at no extra cost, thus considerably extending the range for zero-emissions mobility”.

“This new recharge station, one of 20 planned as part of the Emilia Romagna regional authority project “Mi Muovo Elettrico” (I Move Electric) for the municipality of Rimini”, adds Sara Visintin, Rimini Municipal Councillor for Environmental Policies, “extends the distribution network for recharging electric cars. This is an extremely positive landmark for us, encouraging other public and private-sector entities to invest in this sort of infrastructure to promote the green economy and a new developmental model. These issues have always been paramount for Rimini Fiera and we believe that the installation of this station represents a further step toward in a partnership for the promotion of projects and practical action, targeting sustainable development for the tourism, conference and trade fair industry, one of our town’s most strategic sectors”.

“This recharge station”, comments Lorenzo Cagnoni, Chairman of Rimini Fiera, “is yet another plus for a development which, right from its inception, was designed to operate with the lowest possible environmental impact, a policy now rewarded with this international recognition. For 16 years now we have been organising the top environmental sector trade fairs, Ecomondo and Key Energy which, from 7th November, will host the “Stati Generali dell’Ambiente” conference, sponsored by the Ministry for the Environment, and we will be doing our utmost to spread the word about the opportunities now open to our visitors, thanks to Enel”.

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