Ten provincial capitals are now participating in the pilot project

Bologna, October 8th, 2012 – Twenty new recharge stations will allow electric cars to move between all the towns in Emilia-Romagna. The new memorandum of understanding signed by Enel and the Region, with the towns of Forlì, Cesena, Ferrara and Ravenna now brings the number of provincial capitals involved in the pilot project to ten. Launched in 2010, the project aims at developing sustainable transport, thanks to an innovative network of smart recharge stations for electric cars.

The new memorandum of understanding was signed today in Bologna with the participation of Enel’s director of Infrastructure and Networks Division, Livio Gallo, Regional councillor for Infrastructure and Mobility, Alfredo Peri, city councillors for Mobility of Cesena and Ferrara, Maura Miserocchi and Aldo Modonesi, as well as the Mayor of Ravenna, Fabrizio Matteucci. According to the agreement, Enel will install five new recharge stations in each of the four towns in the coming months, as part of a programme jointly run with the municipal authorities that will analyse the specific features of each town centre, as well as the transport needs of both residents and visitors, with a particular focus on commuter traffic and access to local art treasures and cultural attractions.

This project will bring the total number of electric vehicle recharge stations installed region-wide to 120. These stations will be able to deliver comprehensive, far-reaching and user-friendly service to those who have decided on electric vehicles for the transport of people or goods, as well as for extra urban travel.

“With the adhesion of Cesena, Ferrara, Forlì and Ravenna,” stated Livio Gallo “the pilot project in Emilia-Romagna is significantly enriched with almost all of the provincial capitals committed to the spread of electric mobility, thanks to the experimentation and implementation of our most innovative technological systems for recharging electric vehicles. This is a project which brings Italy to the forefront of Europe, making Emilia-Romagna a significant laboratory for innovation.” “We have provided continuity in this task to complete the development of an infrastructure for electric vehicles that is integrated into the ‘Mi Muovo’ project,” stated Alfredo Peri. “This aims at offering citizens a homogeneous and transversal service which will be progressively strengthened with the increased use of electric vehicles.”      

Cesena, Ferrara, Forlì and Ravenna mark the latest steps in the project of promoting electric mobility along the entire length of the regional artery, the Via Emilia, on which these towns are located some 30-50km apart, a distance that is totally compatible with the range of electric vehicles currently in use.

This wide-ranging, flexible and interoperable project to provide a totally integrated service began in Bologna, Rimini, Reggio Emilia and Piacenza. Subsequently, Imola and Modena were added thanks to the technological interoperability of the Enel recharge stations with the local electricity provider Hera. Specifically, by sharing its technology with Hera, Enel has made it possible for customers all over the Region to recharge their vehicles at either Enel or Hera stations, using a single card and one electricity contract.

This important regional project - the most innovative and far-reaching in Europe - has been selected by the Electricity and Gas Authority (l’Autorità per l’Energia Elettrica e il Gas) to be awarded incentives for the support of public recharge system trials.

The recharge stations
The infrastructure will be installed in public places with parking space available for recharging electric vehicles. Each remotely managed column will be able to recognise individual users and record recharging operations on electric vehicles for the transport of people or goods. 

The station will provide innovative, safe and convenient recharging for electric vehicles and will soon allow for the use of the regional “Mi Muovo” card to access the service.

Access to restricted traffic zones
To facilitate access to restricted traffic zones in town centres, the Region has signed another agreement with all the towns taking part in the pilot scheme establishing a common set of rules for entry to restricted traffic zones.

This agreement grants all electric vehicles free access to restricted traffic zones, without time limitations, with free parking on the blue lines reserved for cars. To enjoy these benefits drivers simply have to register their electric car with their local town hall.

Future plans aimed at facilitating e-mobility between the various towns include setting up a single database that will electronically monitor the access points to the town centres of all the participants in the project.


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