465,000 students from Italy and 8 more countries participated in the event with 2,520 projects on the intelligent use of energy.
Event hosted by Natasha Stefanenko.

Rome, May 7th, 2013 – Enel Chairman Paolo Andrea Colombo together with CEO and General Manager Fulvio Conti today awarded the winners of the 2012 PlayEnergy competition, now in its ninth edition. The event hosted by Natasha Stefanenko also featured top Italian singer-songwriter Eros Ramazzotti, appearing on video-link from Budapest, where he is performing a leg of his “zero emission” European tour, made possible by his partnership with Enel.

With PlayEnergy, Enel is renewing its commitment to young people and schools, promoting awareness of and concern for energy issues by encouraging children and young people to discover the world of energy and science. Students from Italy, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Romania, Russia and Slovakia were invited to show off their creative and design skills by entering the Energia CreAttiva competition. The students were put to the test by challenging them to come up with creative ideas for new forms of energy and for the most intelligent use of existing sources.

This year too, there was an enthusiastic up-take with 465,000 students (over 329,200 from Italy alone) and over 9,840 Italian and overseas schools taking part in the project. 2,520 projects were submitted.

The grand finale held in Rome provided an opportunity for all the participants in PlayEnergy to meet and exchange ideas. The winners included the Italian students and representatives of the overseas students who had taken part in the project. Special guests included a delegation of students from the Madrid school Collegio El Valle, who participated in Endesa Educa, PlayEnergy’s educational programme involving Spanish schools in learning activities and visits to power stations.

The primary school winner was Class 4aB of l’Istituto Nostra Signora in Pescara, led by teacher Paola Di Marco for their project “Giraffe in città” (City giraffes). The runner-up was Class 4aU of the Anna Frank School in Adria, Rome for their project “La lavatrice del futuro” (The washing machine of the future), coordinated by teacher Roberta Siviero.

Third place on the podium went to Class 3aC and teacher Eluisa Germanà from the Thouar Gonzaga School in Milan, for their project “Ricaricare il mondo” (Recharging the world). The jury awarded a special mention to “La valigia dei ricordi” (The suitcase of memories) submitted by Class 5aC of the Andrea Mantegna Primary School in Brindisi, led by teachers Angelo Zaffiro and Angelo Pascale.

In the middle school section, the jury awarded first prize to the project “L’energia cre-attiva è la strada del futuro” (Creative/active energy is the road to the future)  devised by Class 2aA of the Giovanni Pascoli School in Assemini, Cagliari, coordinated by teacher Piero Collu. The runner-up was the G.Leva School in Travedona Monate, Varese, for a project from Classes 2aA, 2aB, 2aC, 3aA, 3aB, 3aC and teachers Bruno Molinario, Salvatore Musella and Carlo Vittigni, entitled “Smart school, Smart grid”. Class 3aB led by teachers Donata Genovesi and Brunella Giussani from the M. Tommaseo Ferruccio Gilera School in Arcore, Monza Brianza, ranked third with their project “E la luce fu: la luce di ieri, oggi e domani” (And then there was light: the lighting of yesterday, today and tomorrow).  A special mention in this section was awarded to Class 3aG of the Luigi Settembrini Middle School in Rome, led by teacher Erminia Capocchiani, for their project entitled “Io abiterò in centrale” (I’ll be living in a power station).

Class 3aF (heat engineering section) of the Egisto Pieralisi High School in Jesi, Ancona was declared the winner in the high school section for project “Casa Domotica” (The Automated home) coordinated by teacher Giuliano Fattorini. The silver medal went to the Filippo Juvara Technical High School of Syracuse for their project “Progetti di edilizia monofamiliare” (single-family building design) devised by Class 4aC with their teacher Laura Nucifora. Third place went to the project “Lido fotovoltaico” (The photovoltaic lido) from Class 2aA (electrical engineering section) led by teacher Pietro De Nittis of the Giambattista Pentasuglia Technical High School in Matera. The jury considered Class 5a (industrial electrical technology section) of the Galileo Ferraris Technical High School in Iglesias, Carbonia Iglesias, worthy of a special mention for their project entitled “App 1802, il robot sminatore” (App 1802, the mine-clearing robot) assisted by teachers Franco Muceli and Corrado Lai.

Enel rewards the commitment and creativity of the students, teachers and schools with a range of high-tech prizes: portable DVD players, Teknofun video cameras, e-book readers, electric bicycles, weekend trips to European capitals, headphones for music listening and school bags bearing the Enel logo. In addition, reflecting the company’s ongoing commitment to education, the winning schools at national level in each of the 3 sections won a 2kW photovoltaic system to be installed at the school. Alternatively, schools that did not meet the technical installation requirements were given a grant of 6,000 euro. The second and third-place schools received prizes of 3,500 and 1,500 euro respectively.

Representatives from the other nations that entered the competition also attended the event. The winner from Romania was Class 10A of the Liceo Teoretico Lucian Blaga in Constanta that, together with their teacher Târ?iu Mariana, submitted their project entitled “Alternative entertainment”. In Slovakia, first place went to Class 2aG and teacher František Varga of the school Stredná priemyselná škola in Komárno for their project “A hump, road decelerator” and the winner from Russia was Class 9A and 9B of High School No.1 in Nevinnomyssk Town for their project “The town on the river” assisted by teacher Guseva Alena.
The winners from Chile were the students of Class I of the middle school Liceo Vicente Pérez Rosales in Rio Bueno who, under the guidance of their teachers Jaime Hott and Victor Alberto Galáz won first place on the strength of their project “Renewable energies for urban transport”. Finally, the gold medal for Spain went to the project “Casa intelligente e sostenibile” (The smart, sustainable home), submitted by the students of Class 4 of the Collegio El Valle in Madrid.


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