An integrated electric mobility project will be implemented. In the first phase Enel will install six charging stations at strategic points around the city, enabling the start of car-sharing system serving the city of Matera

Matera, June 13th, 2013 - Developing a set of initiatives in the zero-emissions electric mobility field, creating sustainable tourist services that enable access to sites of recognized cultural and artistic value, connecting the airport and train station of Bari to the city of Matera with electrically powered transport, and creating an innovative and technologically advanced public transportation system with zero impact on the environment: these are just some of the objectives of the agreement between the City of Matera and Enel with which the city of the Sassi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and international tourist destination, becomes a candidate to scale the national rankings of sustainable mobility.
The details of the initiative were presented at a press conference held this morning in the beautiful setting of the former convent of Saint Lucia and Agatha, with the participation of Salvatore Adduce, Mayor of Matera, and Livio Gallo, head of Enel’s Infrastructure and Networks Division.

"With this agreement,” said the Mayor, “we open an important page in the history of sustainable urban mobility. It is a real project aimed at helping the public and businesses, thanks to an investment of 400 thousand euros (car sharing and the purchase of electric minibuses) included in the proposed restructuring of the integrated programme of sustainable development (Pisus), to use electric cars as much as possible and to share the use of our cars through the car sharing system. In line with our candidacy to become the European Capital of Culture, of which this initiative is an integral part, this is only the first step in a broader city project for integrated mobility. We will soon be publishing the call for tenders for the bike sharing programme aimed at promoting the purchase and use of electric bicycles. We believe that this is the best way to reduce urban pollution, improve the organization of mobility and at the same time to promote a model for the city that meets European standards."

The protocol of understanding on sustainable mobility is a major step in the development of electric mobility in Matera, with Enel standing alongside the City as a strategic partner. The company is active in the development of innovative technological solutions that enable the efficient use of energy. It has conceived a system of intelligent infrastructure for charging electric vehicles, with advanced technologies for monitoring and remote management.

"This marks the beginning of a journey that will make Matera a model for development that combines art, culture and technology for the environment”, said Livio Gallo. “We are convinced that this agreement will encourage electric mobility by providing an major contribution in terms of environmental improvement but also enhancing the attractiveness of the city for tourists. We also want to make urban and interregional infrastructure available that can power electric vehicles in an increasingly advanced and convenient manner for everyone, with the goal of expanding this collaborative effort to other municipalities and regional areas of natural and cultural tourist value, with which Basilicata is so richly populated."

The City and Enel will collaborate on the development and roll-out of an integrated electric mobility plan. The first initiative to see the light will be a car-sharing service that the City will implement with the installation of six electric charging stations developed by Enel. This will be followed by the design of a network of charging infrastructure for citizens and public and private businesses, especially those serving the tourist industry, before moving on to a larger electric mobility project involving other municipalities in the Basilicata region, as well as links to the neighbouring Bari airport and train stations. The goal is to offer services with very high value added and low environmental impact for anyone visiting the city of the Sassi and for its residents. The expansion of electric mobility is a challenge for the future, with important repercussions for the protection of public health through the reduction of pollutants from vehicles powered by traditional fuels.


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