PV GRID: key recommendations to better integrate photovoltaics into European distribution grids

Athens, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, The Hague, Lisbon, London Madrid, Paris, Prague, Rome, Sofia, Stockholm, Vienna, Warsaw, 30 January 2014

The Europe-wide PV GRID consortium has released today a consultation document containing key recommendations for the adoption of technical solutions to ease the integration of photovoltaics (PV) into the distribution grid. Over the next three months, fifteen national workshops will take place throughout Europe presenting and discussing the project’s findings.

Since May 2012, the PV GRID project consortium has been working on identifying and prioritising technical solutions to increase the PV hosting capacity of distribution grids. Following a detailed barrier analysis, regulatory and normative recommendations to facilitate the adoption of these solutions are now presented in a European advisory paper. 
In an evolving energy system, where distributed generation based on renewable energy sources is increasingly playing a central role, new capabilities to operate the distribution grid are required. The challenges addressed in the PV GRID European advisory paper are as follows:
- Ensuring fair conditions for applying PV curtailment;
- Developing an appropriate PV self-consumption framework;
- Exploiting advanced PV inverter capabilities;
- Promoting the deployment of storage solutions both at DSO and at prosumer levels;
- Favouring demand response applications;
- Developing a coherent metering framework;
- Incentivising the development of “smart grids”.
The consultation versions of the European PV GRID advisory paper are available here for download:
- European advisory paper: key recommendations (consultation version)
- Full European advisory paper (consultation version)
Until April 2014, national PV GRID partners will organise a workshop in all of the fifteen participating countries, in order to discuss with key national stakeholders the most adequate solutions to be implemented in each country, taking into account national specificities. The outcome of these discussions will be reflected in an update of the European advisory paper that will be released during summer 2014. The PV GRID project consortium invites all European stakeholders to provide comments and feedback on the contents of the European advisory paper.

About PV GRID:
The overall goal of the PV GRID Project is to help reduce the barriers that are delaying or complicating large-scale integration of PV systems on electricity distribution infrastructures across Europe. This goal will be achieved by analysing the barriers, the solutions and by formulating regulatory and normative recommendations. PV GRID started in May 2012 and will conclude in October 2014. PV GRID follows the PV LEGAL project, completed in February 2012.

The PV GRID project is a joint effort of the following project partners:

  • Coordinator: German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar)
  • European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA)
  • Eclareon Management Consultants (Germany)
  • Fourteen national PV industry associations: UNEF (Spain), APESF (Portugal), Assorinovabili (Italy), BPVA (Bulgaria), CZEPHO (Czech Republic), ENERPLAN (France), HELAPCO (Greece), Holland Solar (The Netherlands), PTPV (Poland), PV Austria (Austria), EDORA (Belgium), SvenskSolenergi (Sweden), SAPI (Slovakia), STA (United Kingdom).
  • DERlab (European Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories) (Germany)
  • Two Distribution System Operators: ENEL Distribuzione (Italy), RWE Deutschland (Germany)
  • The Comillas Pontifical University (Spain)

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