New national protocol to further strengthen the partnership between Enel and the Department signed in L'Aquila

L'Aquila, June 3rd, 2014 – Today in L'Aquila the head of the Civil Defence Department, Franco Gabrielli, and Enel CEO Francesco Starace signed a protocol of understanding for managing national emergencies involving Enel’s electricity system.

The signing occurred at Enel Distribuzione’s Operational Training Centre, with the mayor of L’Aquila, Massimo Cialente, the Undersecretary for the Economy (with reconstruction portfolio), Giovanni Legnini, the new President of the Abruzzi Region, Luciano D’Alfonso and the Head of Enel’s Infrastructure and Networks division, Livio Gallo, in attendance.

The two-year protocol, which builds upon positive partnership experiences, seeks to further strengthen the collaboration and establish specific emergency plans for every kind of risk that could have an impact on the electric power system. The protocol also envisages the setting up of a joint working group to define activities in areas of common interest, specifically aiming at:

  • optimising communication procedures and flows in both normal and emergency situations, which may include integrating the partners’ respective information systems.
  • developing joint training and practice modules in order to improve understanding of their respective organisational and intervention modules, thereby increasing their ability to respond in a synergistic manner;
  • facilitating interaction between Enel and the local branches of the National Civil Defence Service (regional, provincial and prefectural offices), particularly with regard to civil defence planning.

“It is no accident that we chose L'Aquila as the site for the signing of this protocol today,” commented Enel CEO, Francesco Starace – ”It is here that our colleagues at Enel Distribuzione received a first-class certificate of merit from the Civil Defence Department for exemplary service in providing aid to those hit by the 2009 earthquake, thereby making it possible to restore electricity delivery as quickly as possible, a service crucial to the resumption of various activities by residents. This is further proof of how only perfect coordination between public utilities and the Civil Defence Department can ensure the quickest response to solve problems, to protect the fundamental interests of all residents”.

 “Today’s agreement confirms once again the priority given to citizen protection by the Civil Defence Department” commented the head of the Civil Defence Department, Franco Gabrielli – “In fact, today’s protocol mostly aims at defining the interventions and organizational structure required to best cope with calamities that can occur over the country. Furthermore, the agreement underscores the strong joint commitment on prevention to ensure, also in case of calamities, steady and secure electricity supply, which is one of key needs in today’s world. In fact, Enel is a key partner to the Civil Defence system and always sits in its Operational Committee under national emergency situations. The national Civil Defence Department and Enel have worked side-by-side in all the most dramatic emergencies that have been hitting Italy over the past years and above all, in the aftermath of the Abruzzi earthquake in 2009.”


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