The executive will remain with the Group on the board of directors of subsidiaries Enersis and Enel Green Power

Rome, October 1st, 2014 - Andrea Brentan, in agreement with Enel Group CEO Francesco Starace, has announced his decision to leave the post of Endesa CEO, a position he has occupied since June 2009, now he has completed his strategic role in planning the corporate restructuring of Endesa. His resignation will be formalized at the Endesa Board of Directors to be convened on October 7th.

Andrea Brentan has been with Enel since November 2002, initially as Director of International Operations and Business Development at the Generation and Energy Management Division.
He subsequently led the international development of Enel as head of the Business Development and M&A unit in the International Division, where he presided over Enel’s main international acquisitions.
Some of the most high-profile operations include the acquisition of Slovak utility Slovenské Elektrárne, of Endesa SA, the leading power company in Spain and Portugal and the largest private electricity company in the major Latin American countries, as well as the acquisition of the generating company OGK-5, one of Russia’s largest private companies.
From December 2007 he was Head of the Iberia and Latin America Division as well as, prior to becoming Endesa CEO, Deputy Chairman of the same company.

Over the course of these 12 years, Andrea Brentan’s commitment and dedication has made a vital contribution to transforming the Enel Group into a major energy multinational from a local operator. At the helm of Endesa Mr Brentan has played an even more decisive role, getting to grips with a difficult regulatory and macro-economic scenario in Spain and, in Latin America, capturing development opportunities as well as laying the foundations for a new phase of growth for the Enel Group.

Therefore, Andrea Brentan is drawing to a close a huge success story for Endesa and Enel. The Group will still be able to call on his services as he will remain on the Board of Directors of Enel Green Power and Enersis.

The appointment of Mr. José Damian Bogas as Endesa CEO will be proposed to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Bogas, an industrial engineer born in Madrid in 1955, has been with Endesa since 1982, in a number of different management positions, including, from 1998, General Manager for Spain and Portugal.

The in-depth knowledge acquired by Mr. Bogas during his time at Endesa and in the Spanish electricity industry in general, together with his first rate leadership skills, make him the ideal person to take on this job at a crucial time for Endesa in the Iberian peninsula, in terms of both strategic and industrial consolidation.

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