Rome, 17th March 2015 – A meeting took place today in Rome between representatives of Enel, led by the CEO Francesco Starace, and Greenpeace, whose delegation was headed by Greenpeace’s International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo and by Greenpeace Italia Board Chair, Andrea Purgatori.

Following the appointment of the new company management, Enel’s industrial strategy is focused on further boosting investment in renewable sources, energy efficiency, smart grids and storage systems. The Group is also committed to gradually phasing out further investment in coal.

Although there are still differences when it comes to assessing the Group’s definitive withdrawal from coal generation in Italy and certain methodologies to pursue more ambitious targets in Europe, the medium to long-term vision of an energy system largely based on renewable sources and energy efficiency is now a shared view. 

Enel plans to move with Greenpeace in this direction, on a path upon which the new management has already embarked and, by accepting Greenpeace’s invitation, Enel is establishing itself as a progressive company in the international energy industry. Enel’s new strategic commitments are in line with the expressed aims of Greenpeace in their campaigns specifically targeted at Enel, one of the seven largest electricity companies in the world.

Enel shares the same concerns about the global climate expressed by most of the international scientific community as well as the goal to keep the worldwide temperature rise below 2°C. For this reason, and in the lead-up to the Climate Change Conference in Paris, Enel is ready to tackle this challenge and lead the industry’s effort to reach this target. Specifically, the Group believes that it will be able to achieve its own carbon neutrality before the deadline of 2050 in particular by boosting its already significant investment in renewable development and in promoting energy efficiency.

The Enel Group has already reduced CO2 emissions by more than 36% since 1990 whilst for the period between 2007 and 2013 CO2 emissions were reduced by 15%, thus reaching well in advance the 395g/Kwh target set for 2020.

The convergence of views between Enel and Greenpeace on these and other issues is a significant starting point when it comes to the respective approaches of the two organizations and the way in which  sustainability and improved environmental management can be achieved.

Enel and Greenpeace aim at working constructively and collaboratively on common areas to develop their economic, social and environmental interests for an innovative, comprehensive approach to sustainability.

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