Rome, November 10th, 2015 – The ambitious aim of the non-profit organisation Elettrici Senza Frontieri onlus (ESF onlus), formed mainly of volunteers from the electricity sector, is to promote international solidarity in order to provide the world’s poorest populations with access to a safe, continuous and environment-friendly supply of electricity. As of today, Enel will become one of the association’s most important partners in supporting the charity’s development, emergency and post-emergency work. Enel shares these socio-humanitarian aims which are in line with the Group’s ethical principles and sustainable development policies.

The ESF onlus-Enel agreement is fully consistent with the UN’s campaign “Sustainable energy for all” which aims to provide the whole planet with electricity by 2030.
The actions will primarily involve the installation of solar panels and drinking water extraction pumps for use in schools, medical dispensaries, first-aid centres and small-scale autonomous systems for providing public street lighting and mobile phone recharging stations (led lighting poles with solar PV panel, battery and USB socket).

Michel Crémieux, Chairman of Elettrici Senza Frontiere onlus, said “Enel’s support for our association once again shows how this major Italian company – with a presence in many emerging economies – is committed to the creation of shared value. We are confident that Enel will provide strong and long-term support to ensure that our projects are carried out.”

“Like Enel we believe in the importance of a genuine and strong sense of social responsibility,” emphasized Massimo Bruno, Head of Institutional Affairs at Enel. “The struggle against energy poverty which affects 1.3 billion people around the world will be the greatest challenge over the coming decades. With our new partnership with ESF onlus we also aim to play our role in ensuring that the more deprived regions of the world have access to inexpensive energy”.    


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