·        The first limited edition electric cars in the world bearing the logo of a major utility

Rome-Milan, June 20th, 2016 - Enel today announced the signing of co-marketing agreements with Mercedes-Benz and Nissan for the promotion of electric mobility in Italy. The accords regard the Enel Special Edition Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and Nissan LEAF 100% electric, the first limited edition cars in the world to carry the logo of a major utility.

The electric cars were presented simultaneously at Enel’s Rome and Milan offices. Enel's commitment to supporting electric mobility is underscored for the first time with a co-marketing agreement with the manufacturers. Both cars are top of the range limited-edition models with full optionals. The goal is to create a group of “ambassadors” for electric mobility and the values associated with it.

In addition to the joint activities with Mercedes-Benz and Nissan for the promotion of the Special Edition cars, Enel will also undertake specific marketing initiatives to encourage the use of electric cars among the more than 32 thousand employees of the Enel Group in Italy.

"In Italy, more and more people want to drive electric, and Enel is committed to developing a recharging infrastructure across the country that will enable anyone to travel wherever they want in Italy”, says Ernesto Ciorra, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel, “safe in the knowledge that they can find a station to recharge their car quickly: about 20 minutes is all you’ll need, the length of an ordinary stop in a service area”.

"With the launch of the Enel Edition Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive and Nissan LEAF 100% electric, we have become the first utility in the world to establish agreements with automakers to develop a special edition electric car”, remarks Nicola Lanzetta, Head of Market Italy at Enel. “Electric mobility is no longer a tool available to a few diehard fans but is increasingly a viable alternative for everyone, especially those who want to travel sustainably.”

"Mercedes-Benz is committed to reducing fuel consumption and emissions like no one else. We already have 10 hybrid cars in our product range, and with smart we opened the way to 100% electric mobility”, says Roland Schell, President of Mercedes-Benz in Italy. "We are pleased to partner with Enel Energia, which has selected our B-Class Electric Drive for its fleet and for the mobility of employees with a special offer for them.”

“We are excited about the launch of this special edition developed with Enel, once again confirming our shared vision of urban mobility, focused on improving the lives of people and the environment in which we live” declares Bruno Mattucci, Managing Director of Nissan Italy. “The national power grid is indisputably an integral part of electric mobility, and we are cooperating with Enel to improve the connection between vehicles, power generators, renewable energy resources and, in the not too distant future, even buildings.”

Enel for electric mobility
Since 2010, Enel has undertaken a series of pilot projects in Italy for the development of zero-emission electric mobility by forging strategic partnerships with auto manufacturers, industry operators and government and building a country-wide charging network that currently has about 2,000 charging stations installed.
Enel is also present on the market with the Enel Drive range of Enel Energia, which seeks to meet all the needs of those who decide to drive electric, from an All-Inclusive package with a set price regardless of consumption to a Free package where you only pay what you use. Both offers can be limited to charging from public charging stations or can include charging from both public and private stations with the leasing of home charging infrastructure dedicated to the customer.
Enel's commercial offer also includes the direct sale of Box Station and Pole Station infrastructure, an option designed for those who want to buy the charging equipment independently of where they get their electricity and any type of standard or capacity.
From this month, the Enel Energia app now has the "e-go" service, through which you can access the public stations operated by Enel and start charging directly from your smartphone.

Nissan and electric mobility
For decades, Nissan has invested in cleaner and more efficient mobility and today is the market leader in electric mobility, providing cutting-edge technologies for both the private and public sectors and businesses, while continuing to invest in research and development in this field to meet future challenges.
In addition to developing electric vehicles, Nissan is deeply involved in expanding and promoting electric mobility. The initiatives it has undertaken in this area include the production of recyclable and reusable lithium-ion batteries, the deployment of charging infrastructure and fixed and mobile fast charging devices for EVs, bidirectional power systems between vehicles and homes, such as the "LEAF to Home" system, and "Vehicle to Grid" systems for integrating vehicles and power distribution grids, evolving the concept of vehicle from a means of transport to a carrier of energy.

Sustainability in the Daimler Group
Daimler develops advanced eco-compatible cars, commercial and industrial vehicles and seeks to create a responsible relationship with the environment and natural resources, in all corporate sectors.
For this reason Daimler analyses and manages all processes with an eye to their impact on the environment. This is a key focus of research and development, and involves the entire product life cycle: from recycling-ready manufacturing to the use of renewable materials and efficient propulsion. We organize the various stages of production in the most environmentally friendly way possible, and in the factories we work with techniques designed to save energy and water, and reduce emissions and waste.
We offer our customers cutting-edge mobility services and information for protecting the environment, promoting the responsible use of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Daimler’s strategy involves the optimisation of internal combustion engines, the production of hybrid propulsion systems for no fewer than 10 models and the development of 100% electric cars and commercial vehicles.
Transparency is Daimler’s guide. Only fully informed employees can concretely improve in environmental protection within the company. And Daimler’s dialogue with the public is a constant source of ideas for improvement.

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