Enel and api will install fast recharging points in six of the api Group’s IP service stations, of which three in Rome and three in Milan; two additional IP stations will be converted to Enel electric vehicle only-recharging E-stations

The recharging points will use the Fast Recharge Multistandard technology developed by Enel, which is compatible with all electric cars and allows them to be recharged in 20-30 minutes

Rome, December 15th, 2016 –Enel Energia and api Group have today signed a memorandum of understanding today for the installation of fast recharging points in IP service stations for electric cars.

The agreement provides for two implementation stages: the first will see the installation of fast recharging points (E-corners) at six IP service stations, three in Rome and three in Milan, alongside petrol and diesel pumps; the project, which is already starting through a pilot, is expected to become operational in spring 2017. The second stage will see the conversion of two IP petrol stations in the same cities to Enel E-Stations, which are 100% electrical recharging stations. The E-stations will be managed by Enel and will be installed at service stations currently being decommissioned.

The recharging points will use the Fast Recharge Multistandard technology entirely developed by Enel, which allows two vehicles to be recharged contemporaneously within 20-30 minutes. The infrastructure is compatible with all electric cars currently available on the market and shortens recharging time to that of a normal “coffee break”, significantly expanding the potential for use of electric vehicles.

“The agreement is consistent with our goal of offering customers a diverse range of electric mobility options” commented api chairman Ugo Brachetti Peretti. "We’re looking carefully at all the innovative technologies, from electricity to natural gas, with the aim of enhancing the role of our network of over 3,000 petrol stations, which covers the whole country and is essential to support development in the mobility sector".

“Enel considers electric mobility a huge opportunity for the sustainable development of the transport sector and reduction of air pollution,” said Enel CEO Francesco Starace. “With this goal in mind we conducted a study with the Milan Polytechnic aimed at the realisation of an electric charging network that also ensures long-distance travel. For this technology to evolve more widespread infrastructure is necessary: agreements like the one signed today are a step in the right direction and can help stimulate the development of zero-emissions transport.”

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