Rome, May 8th, 2017 - Enel and ALD Automotive Italia have signed a partnership agreement for the promotion and diffusion of electric mobility, with a series of dedicated offers that combine the driving of electric vehicles with the use of charging infrastructure.

The project launched by Enel and ALD consists of three packages designed to meet the needs of a large customer base, ranging from large corporations to SMEs, professionals and other self-employed workers to private customers:

  • E-Go Ricaricar: combines electric mobility with Ricaricar, the innovative pay-per-use solution to pay only for the kilometres actually travelled. Customer choose their electric vehicle and number of kilometres, recharging the necessary kilometres using the app and the dedicated site;
  • E-Go Noleggio a Lungo Termine: combines the benefits of long-term rental with those of an electric vehicle;
  • E-Go Car sharing: designed to offer a zero-emission corporate car sharing service.

Thanks to the collaboration between Enel and ALD, for the first time customers are being offered solutions tailored to their different needs. For example, with a single monthly fee, private individuals can have E-Go Ricaricar, which allows them to choose their preferred electric car model and install a box station for domestic recharging in their garage, only paying for the kilometres they actually use on a pay-per-use basis.

Likewise, a small business can integrate E-Go Noleggio a Lungo Termine and E-Go Ricaricar solutions, differentiating them, for example, by model and route, using the pole station recharging infrastructure included in the offer for both types of service.

For larger companies, however, E-Go Car sharing gives customers the option of establishing a fleet of vehicles on a car sharing basis, with dedicated charging stations at their premises.

The benefits do not end there. Anyone who drives an electric vehicle has free access to the restricted-traffic zones of many cities, free curbside parking and an exemption from the car possession tax. In addition, the dedicated app (My E-go) enables users, among other things, to locate the charging stations, monitor travel and manage the vehicles in the car sharing pool.

“Electric mobility is now a viable alternative, especially for those seeking sustainable mobility, and is no longer a tool available to a select few enthusiasts. Precisely for this reason, Enel was the first utility to reach agreements with major automakers for the development of special-edition electric cars”, says Nicola Lanzetta, Enel's Head of Market Italy. “The agreement with ALD enables us to continue along this path by expanding the range of services designed specifically to meet the needs of different types of customers, from private individuals, SMEs to large corporations.”

“The ambition that drives us every day”, says Andrea Badolati, Chief Executive Officer of ALD Automotive Italia, “is to set new boundaries for the mobility market, offering positive solutions for the real-life challenges of people. Today, the partnership with Enel is one of the most innovative initiatives in this field: we want to contribute to the construction and diffusion of a new model of mobility around the country that fuels a real evolution of our country's socio-economic fabric and a change towards environmental sustainability. We are facing this launch with great confidence, with the will and ability to develop this programme on a large scale.”

Enel for electric mobility
Since 2010, Enel has launched a series of pilot projects in Italy for the development of electric mobility and zero emission mobility, establishing strategic partnerships with automakers, industry operators and institutions and creating a country-wide recharging network that currently has 2,650 recharging stations, of which 850 are public and 1800 private.
For public recharging, Enel Energia has launched the dedicated e-go ricarica app. Designed to make it easier for all motorists, whether they are Enel Energia customers or not, to recharge their car at one of Enel’s 850 public recharging stations located around the country.
All you need is a smartphone to take use this service, with no need to go to a Punto Enel to sign a contract or to have a physical card. The e-go app is available for iOS and Android operating systems, and enables anyone to recharge their electric vehicle at a service station visible on the app, which can be identified thanks to the integrated geolocation service. The recharging service is free for customers until July 31st, 2017. After this date, the rate will be 0.025 euros/minute (1.5 euros per hour).
In addition, Enel has developed its "e-go all inclusive" offering for customers, developed together with Nissan. The customer receives a turnkey electric mobility service that includes the car (the Nissan LEAF) and home recharging infrastructure, including installation.
Enel's commercial offering also includes direct sales of electric bikes and recharging infrastructure. The latter comprises a variety of models, including the Box Station, Pole Station and Fast Recharge for ultra-fast charging: a complete portfolio designed for those who want to buy charging devices independently of who supplies their power and of any type of standard or capacity.

ALD Automotive
ALD Automotive is the division of the French banking group Société Généralé specialized in mobility services, long-term rental and fleet management. Thanks to the experience and expertise of its teams, ALD Automotive is one of the world's leaders in the industry, with a direct international presence in 41 countries and more than 6,000 employees. It manages a global fleet of more than 1,400,000 vehicles (March 2017).

ALD Automotive in Italy
In Italy, ALD has offices in Rome and Milan, a staff of more than 550 employees, digital platforms to deliver its services and a network of over 10,000 affiliated centres. Today, it manages and develops the mobility of some 34,000 customers, thanks to flexible, customized solutions that meet the needs of corporations, SMEs, professionals, other self-employed workers and private customers, with a total fleet of more than 136,000 cars, light commercial vehicles and motorcycles (March 2017).

Over the last few years, ALD Automotive Italia has become a leader of the positive evolution sweeping through the market. Thanks to the passion and constant commitment of its teams, inspired by values such as challenge, guaranteed service quality and innovation, ALD is rapidly marking the transition from the traditional role of rental operator to the broader and more ambitious role of actor in developing, activating and offering mobility solutions and services, thereby providing effective responses to the needs of an ever-wider and diversified public. Three main principles are steering ALD's strategic choices: first, accessibility and service innovation, developed through a multichannel strategy and innovative web platforms that allow them to be particularly close to their customers and offer them a customised and consistent customer experience; second, the modularity and great flexibility of products, which make it possible to overcome the cultural limitations that in the past impeded the choice of new mobility solutions for some types of customers; and third, excellence in service, both through the professionalism of its teams and through interactive customer support systems and a qualified service network spread across the country.


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