Nissan and Enel present an agreement for two-years of electric mobility services included in the price of a new Nissan LEAF

On the occasion of the launch event for the new Nissan LEAF in Milan, Nissan and Enel present a special agreement to benefit buyers of the best-selling 100% electric vehicle in the world.

People who buy a new Nissan LEAF from the Nissan dealer network will also benefit from two years of electricity at public charging stations included in the purchase price, as well as the wall box charging system, its installation and maintenance.

The agreement is part of a broader project involving the two companies in supporting sustainable mobility.

Bruno Mattucci, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nissan Italia, said: “Our vision of mobility is zero emissions and zero fatal accidents. The new LEAF is the ambassador of this vision thanks to its 100% electric propulsion system and smart driving support technologies. As of today, thanks to the agreement with Enel, the new LEAF is now even more appealing thanks to the wall box charging system and two years of public charging included in the purchase price. This initiative provides an additional boost to increasingly safe and eco-sustainable smart mobility”.

Francesco Venturini, Head of Enel X, stated: “We want to show that electric mobility is now a reality and no longer a gamble. We are therefore pleased to add another piece to our collaboration with Nissan, with whom we are sharing not only the search for innovative technological solutions such as V2G but also the creation of new cost-effective offers for end users. Switching to electric is a smart move and ensures a new and engaging driving experience”.

Nissan and Enel have been working together for years to develop and encourage the take-up of zero-emission mobility, including in Italy. One example is Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology, which makes it possible to use electric cars as power storage systems: when they are parked, their batteries can deliver electricity to the grid, contributing to its stabilisation as well as providing balancing services and remuneration opportunities for customers. In Italy, the pilot project of corporate car sharing powered by V2G technology was launched last May, in Genoa, at the Italian Institute of Technology.

The vehicle and city integration system using V2G technology is the star of the Nissan Intelligent Tour that began today in Milan in Piazza XXV Aprile and will run until December 22nd, 2017, visiting Italy’s main cities: Trento, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Bari, Catania and Turin.

Enel recently launched the company’s National Plan for charging infrastructure that will involve the installation of about 7,000 stations by 2020, to reach a total of 14,000 by 2022. The programme envisages the widespread coverage of all Italian regions, with over 2,500 charging stations installed across the country in 2018 alone.

The scope of the Plan also includes the EVA+ (Electric Vehicles Arteries) project, co-financed by the European Commission, which provides for the installation of 180 fast charging points in three years along Italian extra-urban routes. The first 40 Fast stations have already been installed, making it possible to travel by electric car along the Rome-Milan route, among others.



* The offer for the new Nissan LEAF Visia includes charging from Enel’s public stations included in the car’s purchase price for a total of 1,350 kWh, equal to 40% of charges for an average distance of 20,000 km in 2 years, to be carried out within 24 months through APP e-Go + the Enel Wall Box + Installation and maintenance of the Wall Box for €299/month (inc. VAT), with a trade in of a used car with a value of €9,950.00 nominal annual rate 1.99% Annual percentage rate 2.88% 30,000 km in 3 years, balloon payment of €14,551.00.

For more details on the offer and financing, please see

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