Enel for the tenth time in ECPI Sustainability Indices

·         Enel’s inclusion in ECPI is recognition of its strategic view, sound operating practices and positive work in tackling socio-environmental needs

·         The company is included in four ECPI Indices, such as those on renewable energy and climate change

·         Enel’s Spanish subsidiary Endesa also listed in ECPI Indices

Rome, January 23rd, 2018 – Enel S.p.A. (“Enel”) has been confirmed for the tenth time in the renowned ECPI Sustainability Index series, which assess companies on the basis of their environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. Enel’s inclusion in the index is recognition of its clear long-term strategic view, sound operational management practices and positive work in tackling social and environmental needs. Enel’s Spanish subsidiary Endesa has also been included in ECPI Indices.

“We are proud to be ranked among the world’s most sustainable and socially engaged companies in this index series,” said Francesco Starace, Enel CEO and General Manager. “Our inclusion for the tenth time is further affirmation of the success of integrating ESG into our business and, in particular, shows the momentum behind our investment decision-making and industrial strategy. These indices reassure investors of our position at the forefront of sustainable business practices and are testament to our commitment to delivering socially responsible results.”

Enel has been included in four of ECPI’s indices:

·         ECPI Global Renewable Energy Equity Index, which selects the 40 highest ESG-rated companies active in the production or trading of energy from renewable sources;

·         ECPI Global Climate Change Equity Index, which offers investors exposure to companies that are best placed to seize the opportunities presented by the challenge of climate change;

·         ECPI Euro ESG Equity Index, which is composed of the 320 companies with the largest market capitalisation in the Eurozone market that meet ECPI ESG criteria;

·         ECPI World ESG Equity Index, a broad benchmark representative of developed market companies that meet ECPI ESG criteria.

The ECPI index series provides an essential tool to analyse companies’ risk and performance regarding their ESG-related activities and to assess the performance of sustainability-driven asset managers. The socially responsible criteria used to select the indices’ constituents enable investors to express their interest in sustainability issues and to move them up the corporate agenda.

ECPI has been providing since 1997 investment and sustainability advisory services. The company launched some twenty years ago the first European Sustainable Index series and one of the most sophisticated research platforms focused on ESG issues. Based in Luxembourg and Milan, with a global network of research analysts in China, Japan and Poland, ECPI strives to help global institutional investors and private clients meet their investment targets by providing proactive, independent advice based on independent research.

In addition to the ECPI, Enel is also included in the world’s other leading sustainability indices, including the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World, the FTSE4Good index, the Euronext Vigeo-Eiris indices, the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indices and the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index.

Enel's commitment to adhering to the highest sustainability standards has increasingly attracted the attention of socially responsible investment funds. Based on the latest figures as of June 2017, SRI (Socially Responsible Investor) funds own 8.4% of Enel’s total outstanding shares, recording an increase on the 8% posted in December 2016, and represent 11% of the Group’s free float (10.5% as of December 2016).

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