Enel X, Teicos Group and ROCKWOOL complete energy upgrading of residential building in viale Murillo 10, Milan

  • The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, and the representatives of the three companies presented the first major environmental-upgrading project on a residential building, carried out in part thanks to the support from the incentives provided for in the municipal BE2 programme


  • The upgrading will allow for energy consumption to be reduced by 74% and utility bills by 80%. The residential building, thanks to the assignment of credit, anticipated only 30% of the works up front


Milan, October 15th, 2019 – Through an innovative upgrading project using national and local incentives, energy consumption was lowered by 74% and utility bills were reduced by 80% in addition to the restructuring of the entire building. Thanks to the use of national and local incentives, the newly renovated residential building in Viale Murillo, Milan now ranks among the most advanced real estate assets in the capital of Italy’s Lombardy region, representing a virtuous model for the whole city. The building was inaugurated today by the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, the Head of Enel X Italy, Alessio Torelli, the CEO of the Teicos Group, Cecilia Hugony, the Business Unit Director of ROCKWOOL Italy, Paolo Migliavacca and the President of Legambiente Lombardia, Barbara Meggetto.

In 2018, the three companies supported the Legambiente campaign for “Energy-Efficient Buildings” dedicated to promoting the benefits of energy renovation and spreading information on the incentives made available by the Municipality of Milan with the non-refundable contribution provided by the BE2 call for tenders.

Consisting of nine residential units and five floors, the building in Viale Murillo was classified in the lowest energy class G, with consumption of 175kW/m2 per year and a fuel oil heating system. The building had multiple water infiltration problems in the roof and degradation of the facade. The works focused on: rehabilitation and exterior thermal insulation of the façade; renovation and thermal insulation of the roof; thermal insulation of ground floor rooms and all heated rooms. Finally, the heating system was replaced with a gas-fired heat pump. These works improved the energy class from G to C with an expected reduction in consumption of 74%, equal to 48kW/m2, and a total increase in the value of the building.

Enel X supplied the gas-fired heat pump, which enables lower energy consumption and gas emissions and, thanks to the transfer of tax credits, reduced the total amount paid up-front by the owners to 30% of the value of the works. The energy planning and efficiency works were carried out by Teicos Group, a Milanese construction company which assisted the building owners in the complicated process of transferring their tax credits. ROCKWOOL, world leader in innovative rockwool products and solutions, provided the ROCKWOOL REDArt® thermal insulation system that helped increase internal comfort and reduce consumption and operating costs.

“I am very pleased that the City is actively contributing to the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Through the incentives envisaged in the BE1 and BE2 programmes, we have already helped upgrade 126 buildings,” said the Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala. “Thanks to the renovations carried out, the building at Viale Murillo 10 is a leading model worth replicating: a building that combines innovation and animates ‘old Milan’. Implementing sustainable actions at a social, economic and environmental level is essential to improve the quality of life of the public. The reduction in energy consumption resulting from, for example, the replacement of the heating plant not only generates benefits for the environment and health, but also significantly affects the finances of families. The upgrading of all public and private buildings represents a fundamental step in planning the future of the city. We will therefore continue to move down this path.”

“We are pleased to inaugurate such an important project, one that will certainly improve the quality of life of many families by significantly reducing their energy consumption and, at the same time, contributing to environmental sustainability,” said Alessio Torelli, Head of Italy of Enel X. “Enel X wants to be a partner of the building’s residents by offering advanced technological solutions to make the apartment complex increasingly safe and efficient. From this point of view, solutions like the ‘ecobonus’ and tax credit transfers represent an opportunity to increase property values while reducing operational costs, with obvious advantages for both the environment and the community.”

Cecilia Hugony, CEO of Teicos Group, said: “According to Italy’s National Energy and Climate Plan, energy upgrading of residential properties should account for 30% of the 2030 emission reduction target in Italy. This project, conceived and designed together with the owners, is a good initiative to be replicated and shows how, thanks to the existing incentive programme, ambitious energy upgrading projects have become more financially attractive than simple maintenance.”

Paolo Migliavacca, Business Unit Director of ROCKWOOL Italia S.p.A. said: We are very satisfied with the results of this project, which fits perfectly with the international campaign launched by the ROCKWOOL Group, aimed at promoting the role of upgrading works to enhance the sustainability of buildings. By selecting a versatile material such as rockwool for the realisation of the exterior thermal insulation layer, it was possible to obtain multiple advantages, ranging from the improvement of insulation with a consequent reduction in energy consumption to the achievement of more comfortable environments, with enhanced sound insulation and fire safety.”

“The energy upgrading of buildings is one of the most important contributions we can make to halt climate change,” said Barbara Meggetto, President of Legambiente Lombardia. “A major source of concern is the continuing presence of the most highly polluting heating systems. In Milan, for example, there are still thousands of apartment buildings with large oil-fired boilers: it is an alarming situation, considering that the operation of an oil-fired boiler, for the same performance, costs twice as much and emits 25 times more pollutants than a natural-gas boiler. This is why it is even more important to take advantage of government incentives and the City of Milan’s incentive scheme, which enables the redevelopment of both systems and structures, and to install more advanced systems, such as heat pumps, and implement solar thermal integration. However, we must be aware that an energy-upgraded building becomes energy-efficient only if we also work to upgrade our daily behaviour by using heating only when necessary, not wasting hot water, keeping control over the temperatures of the various rooms using thermostats, and periodically ventilating the premises. These are all steps that enable us to achieve a win-win result: for our wallet and for the planet, because they sharply reduce fuel consumption and related polluting emissions.”

Enel X, the Enel Group business line dedicated to innovative products and digital solutions, has long been a one-stop shop for a variety of energy efficiency services with its ViviMeglio offer. A service aimed at residential upgrading which includes energy efficiency works, seismic safety measures and technological modernisation of residential buildings and which enables access to the  Ecobonus and Sismabonus incentive schemes, recovering up to 85% of the costs incurred for energy improvement and seismic safety and transferring all tax credits to Enel X.

Energy upgrading viale Murillo

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