Enel and Sanofi promote the health and wellbeing of people and the environment

Rome, September 16th, 2020 – Fostering and promoting the improvement of people's health and air quality in cities through joint initiatives that focus on sustainability and wellbeing: this is the goal of the memorandum of understanding between Enel and Sanofi signed by Carlo Tamburi, Director of Enel Italia, and by Marcello Cattani, Country Lead and CEO of Sanofi Italia. The agreement confirms Enel's commitment to working in partnership with leaders in the pharmaceutical sector.

“The health emergency has highlighted the importance of protecting our health and of promoting safe conduct for our own and others' benefit,” said Carlo Tamburi, Director of Enel Italia. “The program we are launching with Sanofi will enable us, through preventive measures and awareness-raising activities, to bring together our respective know-how to start initiatives capable of creating shared value.

With Enel's experience in the field of sustainability, environmental protection and its regard for health and safety, and the experience in health of Sanofi – a leading industrial player in the country thanks to its four factories in Italy – the agreement involves awareness raising activities about the harmful effects of environmental pollution and identifies measures that promote the environment, wellbeing and personal health. The agreement also envisages the promotion of actions to raise awareness among healthcare workers and decision-makers about the importance of prevention at all stages of life, as well as actions for Enel's employees and their families in Italy and abroad, with training courses about disease prevention, the benefits of vaccinations and hygiene measures. Enel and Sanofi will be setting up specific working groups, with the involvement of qualified representatives from the two companies, to facilitate the sharing of skills and technical and scientific knowledge to develop environmentally sustainable actions.

The agreement is in line with Enel's commitment to make a contribution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations and with Sanofi's Social Responsibility strategy, which focuses on initiatives that regard health, particularly accessibility and sustainability of treatment, as well as attention to environmental, public and personal health issues.


Enel-Sanofi Agreement

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