Enel X JuiceBox, the new private charging station: secure, practical and connected

  • The new Enel X JuiceBoxes offer a charging experience suitable for all needs and manageable remotely using the JuicePass app
  • Made in recycled plastic in line with the principles of circular economy, the new JuiceBox has won the “Compasso d’Oro 2020” award with its innovative design


Rome, October 27th, 2020 – Enel X launches on the Italian market JuiceBox, the private charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EV) to be installed in parking garages and parking spaces, at home or at the office. The new JuiceBoxes, 100% designed and developed in Italy, are made from recycled plastic, with respect for the environment and the principles of circular economy, and can be managed remotely using the Enel X JuicePass app.

Two types of charging stations are available: JuiceBox Pro and JuiceBox Pro Cellular, both with Wi-fi and Bluetooth, while the Pro Cellular version adds LTE connectivity to guarantee connection in all places. Both are available with cable and cable-free connection with power up to 22kW. JuiceBox Pro and JuiceBox Pro Cellular offer a unique charging experience, perfect for business and residential settings. Thanks to its smart-charging function, the JuiceBox range can adapt its power level according to the meter’s available supply to best meet clients' needs, and is equipped with all the security and connectivity characteristics to make charging a safe and simple experience.

Charging EVs using JuiceBox is easy and with JuicePass, drivers can choose between two different charging experiences: with Connect&Charge just insert the cable in the vehicle connector to start charging, or users can request authentication using the app or RFID card.

“The launch on the Italian market of the new JuiceBox shows our commitment to develop cutting-edge solutions for charging electric vehicles also in private settings,” stated Augusto Raggi, head of Enel X Italia. “Thanks to the advanced functions of the new domestic infrastructures it is possible to charge vehicles with ease in the garage or at work, in total autonomy and safety, and remotely using the JuicePass app, choosing the most suitable method for your needs from those available. Our goal is to give a major boost to the spread of sustainable mobility nationwide, be it in private or public spaces, and we are positive that the new JuiceBox is another important contribution.”

The JuiceBoxes comply with the principles of sustainability as they are made from recycled plastic, which represents a perfect example of salvaging and recycling used materials, according to the circular model, which aims at creating new production cycles by regenerating waste. Thanks to its distinctive design, the Enel X JuiceBox has recently won the “Compasso d’Oro 2020” award for industrial design.

JuiceBoxes are connected 24/7 to the Enel X cloud management platform and, with connectivity as well as LTE, can also be used remotely through Enel X JuicePass app, which allows users to manage settings and control the power of the JuiceBox, monitor the charging sessions and energy consumption, plan and start charging remotely, receive live notifications and access other smart charging functions. Furthermore, the dynamic LED crown means that you can instantly see your car's charging status. Thanks to the app, it is also possible to access the over 50,000 charging stations in Europe, one single app for a world of public and private charging services.


PR Enel X JuiceBox

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