Enel X in support of fashion with an observatory to measure and improve the circularity of “Made in Italy”

  • The project will involve about 50 brands in the Italian textile and clothing sector that will be analyzed with the aim of creating a report of circularity of the entire ecosystem


Rome, December 1st, 2020 - The environmental impact of production activities and working methods in the entire value chain, the virtuous processes of recycling and reuse of raw materials, the use of renewable energy, energy efficiency and electric transport. These are some of the parameters that will be analyzed by "L’osservatorio del mondo della moda Italia" (the observatory of the Italian fashion world) created by Enel X to measure the circularity of the Italian textile and clothing sector and identify the best solutions to bridge the gap. The sustainability of 50 “Made in Italy” brands, among the most important on the national and international scene, will be at the center of the report that Enel X will produce on the main players in the national textile supply chain.

"The Circular Economy represents one of the pillars of sustainability,” said Nicola Tagliafierro, Sustainability Manager at Enel X. “The Italian textile sector has always been considered a flagship of ‘Made in Italy’ and for this reason, through the Circular Economy Observatory, we wanted to make Enel X’s expertise available to one of the most important supply chains in the country. This observatory offers advanced analysis tools for the implementation of virtuous behavior that integrate the principles of the Circular Economy in the entire supply chain with the aim of increasing its competitiveness at the international level."

The textile and clothing sector is the third largest manufacturing sector in Italy, with 450,000 employees and more than 50,000 companies operating throughout the country, and is at the center of a transformation that looks to sustainability as a competitive lever through a more rational and conscious use of raw materials.

The companies involved will be analyzed both on the use of the products and through the production processes with the aim of carrying out a first analysis on the "state of circular maturity". The next step will be that of data aggregation, and Enel X, in agreement with the participating companies, will identify the KPIs for the realization of the report in which the fashion sector’s respect of the Circular economy principles, the strengths and weaknesses and a roadmap for improvement will be highlighted. The Observatory will monitor over the years, involving more and more actors, the trend of any gaps in circularity and the progress made by companies in approaching an entirely sustainable and circular model and will represent a reference point for all other industrial sectors and other countries.



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