Enel X Sun Plug&Play: a photovoltaic system installed on the balcony that helps power your home

·         This Enel X solution allows to produce renewable energy even in the city and contribute to household consumption, with a saving on bills of up to 90 euros per year;

·         Enel X Sun Plug&Play comes with a 10-year warranty and can be purchased for 249.50 euros instead of 599 euros, thanks to the launch promotion and tax incentives with up to 50% credit;

·         You can either install the product yourself or call your electrician.

Rome, December 28th, 2020 – Enel X Sun Plug&Play is a technology that brings renewable energy production to the city and boosts the sustainability of household consumption. Enel X entirely designed this 0.34 kW photovoltaic system. It is easy to install on a balcony or terrace, is suitable for either a metal railing or masonry parapet. Through an electrical plug with a dedicated socket, you can offset the electricity consumed by power appliances and other domestic equipment with solar energy. The solution, tested in a wind tunnel, can withstand gusts of up to 130 km/h. It comes with a 10-year warranty and can be purchased for 249.50 euros instead of 599 euros, thanks to the launch promotion and tax incentives offering up to 50% credit.

"If the concepts of sustainability and affordability used to appear irreconcilable, with Enel X Sun Plug&Play we have shown that it is possible to develop innovative solutions accessible to everyone," said Andrea Scognamiglio, Global Head of e-Home at Enel X. "Enel X Sun Plug&Play allows every family finally to benefit from the advantages of a photovoltaic system, such as consumption efficiency and savings on bills, without needing their own rooftop. This solution, easily installable on your balcony, makes renewable energy accessible and marks its arrival in the city. It is a further demonstration of Enel X's commitment to offering cutting-edge technology solutions that enable people to play an important role in the energy transition".

With Enel X Sun Plug&Play it is possible to save up to 90 euros per year in energy bills and contribute to the pursuit of the goals of energy efficiency, while at the same time supporting small businesses in Italy.

Indeed, this solution further contributes to the significant results that Enel X's e-Home unit has already achieved in this regard. In 2020, about 25,000 products were installed in Italian homes, including condensing boilers, air conditioners and photovoltaic systems with a storage system, thereby preventing the atmospheric emission of about 10,000 tons of CO2 per year. It provided about 300,000 hours of work for technicians of companies that work with Enel X. This extraordinary result was also made possible by solutions such as Homix, the Smart Home system integrated with Alexa, which manages heating, cooling, security and lighting, and by the services for the home already chosen by about 200,000 customers.

Further information on Enel X Sun Plug&Play is available at www.enelxstore.com/enel-x-sun-plug-n-play or at an Enel Partner Space (www.enelxstore.com/it/it/spazio-enel-partner).


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