Enel and the Koelliker Group: working together on logistics services and electric mobility solutions in Italy

  • Enel Logistics and Enel X will collaborate with Koelliker in the diffusion of electric vehicles in Italy, produced by some of the most innovative automotive brands worldwide


Rome, June 8th, 2021 - Developing solutions to accelerate the spread of electric mobility, and providing integrated logistics services in key Italian maritime hubs: these are the key goals behind the memorandum of understanding signed by Enel and Koelliker, a leading Italian company specialized in importing and commercially distributing automotive brands and related logistics. This collaboration sees Enel X committing itself to offer integrated support for innovative services aimed at developing electric mobility, and also involves Enel Logistics, an Enel Group company created with the aim of developing logistic hubs in areas inside former power stations situated near important maritime hubs in Italy.

This agreement confirms how converting Enel Group assets present in strategic areas such as ports into customs warehouses and upgrading them, can eventually generate value for the surrounding local territories and for Italy,” says Andrea Angelino, Director of Enel Logistics. “Through strategic synergies such as the one with Koelliker, we can contribute to the development and diffusion of electric mobility in Italy, generating a virtuous circle between circular economy and electrification of consumption, two key levers of the energy transition.”

"The collaboration with the Koelliker Group confirms Enel X's commitment to the development of projects and services that contribute to the spread of electric mobility in Italy and around the world," said Francesco Venturini, CEO of Enel X. "This is a partnership which on the one hand will enable us to offer Koelliker’s various automotive brands advanced solutions for domestic and public charging of electric vehicles; and on the other hand to create value in Italy, opening a preferential channel with the Asian market to attract new car manufacturers to Italy. Our aim is to emphasize yet again that switching to electric power is a winning choice, because it is beneficial in economic terms and in environmental sustainability, and initiatives like this bring clear progress in this direction."

"Koelliker's partnership with Enel X and Enel Logistics will spark a bold boost to the development of sustainable mobility, enabling all our customers to choose from a wider range of cars, commercial vehicles and charging services integrated with each other and personalized for every kind of electric mobility,” says Luca Ronconi, CEO of the Koelliker Group. “At the same time, this agreement allows us to assist all Italian electric brands in arranging every aspect of their integration with European Community electric regulations. This will make the transition to electric mobility a worry-free journey, easy and full of attractive options."

More specifically, Enel Logistics will therefore be able to offer its logistical services to support the importation of electric vehicles, by managing all the operational aspects of the process. Enel X will implement a commercial strategy with Koelliker to assist numerous electric vehicle manufacturers – particularly those in Asia and the USA – which intend to export their brands to Italy. Enel X will also support Koelliker by providing advanced solutions for charging electric vehicles both in the home and in the city. These will include the installation of Enel X JuiceBoxes, the innovative home charging stations, in dealerships of the Koelliker Group automotive brands; the electrification of Koelliker client companies’ corporate fleets; and the activation of charging stations at the Group's offices.

Enel Logistics is the Enel Group company established in Italy for the recovery and enhancement of existing areas and structures in disused power plants or those in the process of being decommissioned, located near strategic sites such as ports, airports and interports, such areas to then be converted to customs warehouses for logistics, handling and storage of goods. The goal is to attract new flows of goods to Italy, and also to intercept the part of those flows which today pass through the Mediterranean and then, due to lack of infrastructure, continue towards Northern Europe. The reuse of existing structures complies with circular economy principles, and will bring significant environmental benefits – thanks to the extension of useful lifetime in areas to be converted – and economic benefits – through the enhancement of existing skills and assets – plus social benefits from the creation of new jobs.

Enel X is the Enel Group global business line that offers accelerated innovation and energy transition guidance services. A world leader in the sector of advanced energy solutions, Enel X manages demand response services for approximately 6 GW of total capacity globally, and approximately 100 MW of installed storage capacity worldwide, as well as approximately 195,000 vehicle charging points in operation globally[1]. Through the offering of advanced solutions, including energy management, financial services, and electric mobility, Enel X supplies each partner with a bespoke ecosystem of technological platforms and consultancy services based on sustainability principles and the circular economy. The aim is to supply people, communities, institutions, and businesses with an alternative model, in full respect for the environment, capable of integrating technological innovation with daily life. Each solution is engineered to transform the goals of decarbonization, electrification, and digitalization into sustainable actions for all, in order to build a more sustainable and efficient world together.

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The Koelliker Group, founded in 1936, is a leader in Italy for the import and distribution of cars, thanks to the skills it has acquired in the introduction and commercial development of new imported brands. A constantly growing and evolving reality which – inspired by a company philosophy of continuously tackling new challenges and facing the future through innovation and professionalism – has marketed over 2,000,000 vehicles from numerous brands, including the Japanese Mitsubishi – of which it has been sole importer and distributor since 1979 – and the Korean SsangYong, since 2003. The Group also includes the Autotrade & Logistics company, whose team of experts has been working for years with major sector companies, ensuring a state-of-the-art vehicle logistics service that is a genuine "Entrance Gate” to Italy.





[1] Public and private charging points. It also includes interoperation points.

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