The energy transition: Enel and I-Com promote the first Energy Academy for consumer associations

Rome, December 14th, 2021 - A series of meetings aimed at consumer associations to explore issues related to the ecological transition, one of the main challenges on the national and European public agenda: this is the Energy Academy, an initiative promoted by Enel with the support of the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com). The Academy's program, aimed at 40 young professionals and the sector association experts, will feature dozens of university lecturers, managers and institutional representatives.

The launch presentation event was attended by Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italy’s Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Fabrizio Iaccarino, Head of Sustainability and Institutional Affairs at Enel Italia, Stefano da Empoli, President of I-Com and the heads of the 20 Associations belonging to the CNCUItaly’s National Council of Consumers and Users.

The initiative, the first of its kind in Italy, is intended to be an opportunity for reflection and discussion, split over ten events taking place from now until June 2022, on the most important issues affecting the energy system in Italy today.

The Energy Academy aims to promote greater awareness among consumers, and the associations that represent them, of current cutting-edge technologies and the possible trajectories for energy and sustainable development in Italy. The course also focuses on the experiences of the associations themselves, their role in these times of great change and the good practices they help to bring to the attention of the public. The meetings are divided into three distinct modules: the ecological transition, the energy system and retail markets.

Fabrizio Iaccarino stressed, “The energy transition will only be a great opportunity for our country if we approach it in a participatory way. Through the Energy Academy we aim to further strengthen cooperation and dialogue with consumer associations, providing them with the keys to understanding how to play an active part in the transition process and expand their role as consumer mediators and enablers of an increasingly sustainable community from an economic, social and environmental point of view.”

Stefano da Empoli said, "One distinctive factor of energy markets is their complexity, which is amplified by the major transformations taking place. This complexity goes hand in hand with the nature of energy as an essential good and therefore needs innovative settings and formats. This is why, together with Enel, we have planned these opportunities, not only to train people, but also to listen and talk to consumer associations, the main public institutions and some of the country's leading experts in the sector.”

PR Enel - I-com

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