Enel X and Policlinico Gemelli supporting the Calabria Region with Smart Axistance C-19, the telemedicine solution for remote management of Covid 19 patients

  • Thanks to the telemedicine platform developed by the Enel Group's global business line and adopted last year by the Policlinico Universitario, Calabrian Covid patients will be able to remotely monitor the progression of their illness while remaining in constant contact with medical staff


Rome, February 1st, 2022 - Daily remote monitoring of the illness combined with remote support from specialized healthcare professionals. This is the aim of Smart Axistance C-19, the innovative solution that Enel X and the Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS have made available to the Calabria Region to make healthcare easier and safer for Covid-19 patients under health surveillance and fiduciary isolation.

It is proving to an effective, safe and affordable tool. Thanks to the connection between the Smart Axistance C-19 app (which can be downloaded for free and used on smartphones and tablets with Android, iOS and Huawei operating systems) and the pulse oximeter devices provided by healthcare providers of the Calabria Region, patients can independently take readings of their own clinical parameters and send them to the healthcare provider for remote monitoring. The app allows both the patient and medical centre to view the measurement history and quickly identify situations requiring medical evaluation and possible hospitalization. The cloud platform associates each patient with their own doctor, so that treatment, emergency measures and appointment schedules can be adjusted as required: all in full compliance with privacy regulations and without leaving home.

“We are delighted to make a cutting-edge solution such as Smart Axistance C-19 available to the Calabria Region", said Marco Gazzino, Head of Innovation and Sustainability at Enel X. "In collaboration with Policlinico Gemelli, we have provided an innovative yet simple tool that strengthens the increasingly close link between technology, innovation and medical excellence. This is a further demonstration of our ongoing commitment to develop simple solutions designed to simplify and improve people's lives".

"Being able to export the 'Gemelli model' of digital assistance for Covid-19 patients treated at home, trialled for over a year with excellent outcomes and resulting from the collaboration with Enel X that combined our clinical expertise with technological excellence, is a source of great pride for us", said Giovanni Arcuri, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli IRCCS. “This is a unique initiative because it brings together the worlds of business, health and institutions; in addition, it is a tangible care project characterized by hospital-territory continuity that sees Enel X and the Policlinico Gemelli supporting the Calabria Region to ensure more accessible and safer care for Covid patients monitored remotely”.

“I offer my wholehearted thanks to the Policlinico Universitario Gemelli in Rome and Enel X who have made technologies and expertise for the home care of Covid patients available to the Calabria Region. I would also like to thank Dr Agostino Miozzo for proposing and following up on the collaboration project that we are putting in place", said President of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto. "For Calabria, a region with an overstretched hospital network, it is even more important to be able to treat patients at home safely and, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, relieve the pressure on the regional health system.

Our doctors and nurses have been working with this new technology since last week supported by a team from Rome, and will soon be able to manage Covid patients in their own homes without any issues and with the utmost professionalism. I am really pleased with this initiative that places us among the leading national healthcare providers".

The platform has already been in use for over a year at the Fondazione Policlinico Universitario Agostino Gemelli IRCCS which, with the support of its clinicians, will pass on its experience and the clinical protocols developed for the management of patients in fiduciary isolation and discharged from hospital under health surveillance. Policlinico Gemelli's clinical protocol, thanks to Smart Axistance C-19, has allowed to discharge under health surveillance 63% of patients, who continue to be monitored remotely by doctors at the medical centre, thus freeing up essential beds for the management of pandemic peaks. The Gemelli doctors will work alongside the Calabria Region providers to quickly pass on this experience.

The Region has already put the system into operation at the Reggio Calabria, Cosenza and Catanzaro hubs.

Smart Axistance C-19 is available to interested public administrations on the MEPA (Public Administration Electronic Marketplace) digital platform and is an addition to the numerous initiatives developed by Enel X in the field of telemedicine and personal well-being. These include Smart Axistance Diabetes Control, for the prevention and treatment of diabetic patients under health surveillance, and Smart Axistance e-Well, the tool designed for companies to offer their employees clinical wellness management programmes integrated with traditional check-ups.



PR Smart Axistance C-19

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