Enel and I-Com, consumers at the heart of the energy transition with the "Energy Academy"

  • Energy market awareness, sustainability trajectories and inclusive pathways were the topics of the conference that rounded off the series of training events dedicated to sustainability organized by Enel with the scientific support of the Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com)


Rome, June 14th, 2022 - Championing sustainability to chart a course of awareness that involves everyone, starting with consumers, who are increasingly key players in the energy transition. This is the mission of the Energy Academy, the project dedicated to the transition and organization of energy markets. The conference "Energy Transition, the Consumer Test: a challenge to be overcome", which took place in Rome on June 9th, closed the Energy Academy's cycle of sessions and led to an in-depth debate which, starting with reflections on energy consumerism, took stock of the current position and future scenarios for the energy world.

"The changes brought about by the energy transition have taught us that now each of us can be a major player in building a new way of using energy," commented Nicola Lanzetta, Director of Enel Italy. "With the Energy Academy we have further strengthened the positive dialogue with consumer associations, which, thanks to the significant role they play, can make a valuable contribution to this change.”

"In a market that is rapidly evolving and will change even more in the future as a result of the energy transition, consumers increasingly need compasses,” said Stefano da Empoli, President of I-Com.  "Consumer associations therefore have a fundamental role to play and, to be able to do this to the best of their ability, they must be able to offer training and an exchange of views with leading experts in the field, as well as have information at their disposal which looks at the complexities of the system from an all-round perspective. This is our aim with the Energy Academy.”

The conference was attended by, among others, Enel Italia Director Nicola Lanzetta, Rse CEO Maurizio Delfanti, Mixed Group MEP and Vice-Chairman of the Environment, Territory and Public Works Committee Rossella Muroni, and Arera Board member Stefano Saglia.

The Energy Academy was launched in November 2021 and held until May 2022, covering the most important topics for consumers in the energy field and was a tangible way to share knowledge and points of view. This was a unique experience for Italy that made use of contributions from lecturers, independent experts, public sector players, Enel managers and senior figures from consumer associations. The meetings were well attended and saw the exchange of interesting ideas. Decarbonization, renewable production, networks as an enabler of change, energy markets, sustainable consumption models and how energy transition issues relate to the guidelines of the NRRP - National Recovery and Resilience Plan - were just some of the topics that led to open and thought-provoking debates.

Enel, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, is a multinational power company and a leading integrated player in the global power and renewables markets.

At global level, it is the largest renewable private player, the foremost network operator by number of end users and the biggest retail operator by customer base. The Group is the worldwide demand response leader and the largest European utility by ordinary EBITDA [1].

Enel is present in 30 countries worldwide, producing energy with over 90 GW of total capacity.

Enel distributes electricity through a network of over 2.2 million kilometers to more than 75 million end users. The Group brings energy to around 70 million homes and businesses. Enel’s renewables arm Enel Green Power has a total capacity of more than 54 GW and a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, and hydroelectric power, as well as energy storage facilities, installed in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. Enel X Global Retail, Enel's global advanced energy services business line, has a total capacity of around 6.6 GW of demand response managed globally and has installed 59 MW of behind-the-meter storage capacity. In addition, Enel X Way is the Group’s new global business line fully dedicated to electric mobility, managing nearly 350,000 public and private EV charging points worldwide, both directly and through interoperability agreements.

[1] Enel’s leadership in the different categories is defined by comparison with competitors’ FY 2020 data. Publicly owned operators are not included.

The Institute for Competitiveness (I-Com) is a think-tank founded in 2005 by a group of scholars, professionals and managers, with offices in Rome and Brussels. The objective of I-Com is to promote debates and analyses on competitiveness concerning innovation, in the Italian, European and international politico-economic contexts. The main areas of interest of I-Com are: digitalization, energy, innovation, health and institutions. Since 2017 it has been a member of the Global Trade and Innovation Policy Alliance, an international network of think tanks active on innovation issues with the common goal of promoting the liberalization of markets and global trade while affirming that governments should play a proactive role in supporting innovation and productivity. The mission of I-Com is to influence the public debate on the future of the Italian system, on the basis of multidisciplinary expertise and thanks to a variety of in-depth and dissemination tools. In this sense it is responsible for following and monitoring the national and European decision-making process, organizing and promoting conferences, seminars, training courses, debates and meetings open to the public or reserved for members. Furthermore, it contributes to the public debate with policy ideas and proposals, through position papers, legislative proposals and comments on national and international facts and provisions.



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