For Enel #IFattiContano (#FiguresCount): the energy transition in Italy described in numbers

  • The format with which the Group illustrates and updates the results of its commitment to accompany Italy on its path towards sustainability is registering growing numbers and has been expanded with a dedicated campaign and an open, innovative mini-site


Rome, July 26th, 2022 - A goal to be achieved, the enthusiasm to achieve it and the desire to share the benefits. This is the daily commitment of thousands of people to bring energy and contribute to Italy’s transition and sustainable development. #IFattiContano (#FiguresCount) is the communication campaign launched in June by Enel to recount, through the concreteness of numbers, the tangible results of projects and activities at the service of the energy transition in the country with an approach based on openness and innovation. A narrative supported by a format involving all media and enriched by a press campaign, “60 years of figures that count”, and the new dedicated website, where an innovative and engaging user experience illustrates the main indicators of the energy transition in Italy, updating them constantly in an open and transparent manner.

“Studying change, welcoming its novelties and then directing it to make its benefits accessible to all is a process that requires a willingness to get involved and a spirit of innovation,” commented Cecilia Ferranti, Head of Communications at Enel Italia. With #IFattiContano Enel concretely demonstrates that only by taking and pursuing the path of sustainability with conviction can people, the true protagonists of all change, be at the center of the energy transition. And it is this path, which is open, sustainable and inclusive, that allows us to achieve excellent results because they are measurable and concrete, which improves people’s everyday life, the well-being of the environment and the economic and social development of the country.”

Thanks to the commitment of the 31,073 people working at Enel in Italy, in 2022 the Group has already produced 9.21 billion KWh of zero-emission energy (up 23% compared to June), for a total installed renewable capacity of 14,600 MW. To support the growth of renewables, Italy’s electricity grid, which stretches 1.16 million kilometers and has around 450,000 medium and low voltage substations, is constantly evolving with 6,545 kilometers of new infrastructure (+21% compared to a month ago), as well as 1.92 million ‘Open Meters’ - up 18% compared to June 2022 - bringing the total amount of latest-generation meters already installed in Italy to 26.58 million. The distribution infrastructure is a central element of the energy transition: there are 1,058,803 private production plants already connected to the grid and 142,000 new applications since the beginning of 2022, a figure that is up by 25% compared to mid-June.

The network of the future requires new skills, which is why the ‘Energie per Crescere’ program was launched with Elis to train 5,500 young people over two years: a pool of professionals that can be recruited by Enel’s supplier companies committed to this change. Launched in February, the project has already collected more than 5,600 applications, up 24% since June, and has trained more than 1,140 people. And the focus on the entire ecosystem of the sector and the involvement of every link in the value chain is also demonstrated by the Supplier Development Program, an initiative through which Enel promotes a path of growth and sustainable development for its suppliers, and which has already registered 1,805 participants. Education is also central when the focus shifts to schools: 3,216 secondary school students benefited from training and guidance projects against school drop-out rates and on sustainable innovation and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects. On the corporate side, then, the propensity for innovation is exemplified by the collaboration with around 130 Italian start-ups and the contribution to around 580 innovation projects.

With 15.7 million customers, Enel is the leader in the free market in Italy. And it is precisely the people, with their habits and care for the environment, who are at the center of change; from homes, with 9,822 customers having installed air-to-air heat pumps since the beginning of the year (+38% compared to a month ago, for a total number of 59,512 nationwide), to the choice of electric mobility, which is now increasingly popular thanks to 15,800 public charging points and 24,128 private charging points. Enel also provides solutions to support cities on their path to sustainability and emission reduction, for example through the 1.5 million smart streetlamps it operates in the country.

“60 years of figures that count” is the press campaign consisting of three subjects dedicated to renewable energies, digitalization of networks and charging technologies for electric vehicles, which will start on Tuesday 26 July and will run in the main daily newspapers with a double-page format. The creative concept was developed in cooperation with Saatchi & Saatchi and planning by Mindshare.

Enel, together with Italy, has come a long way and continues on the path towards energy transition. Why #IFattiContano.

Enel, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary, is a multinational energy company and a leading integrated operator in the global energy and renewable energy markets. It is the world’s largest privately owned renewable energy operator and the leading global grid operator with the largest number of retail customers. The Group is the worldwide leader in demand response and the largest utility company in Europe in terms of ordinary EBITDA[1]. Enel is present in more than 30 countries worldwide and produces energy with a total capacity of more than 90 GW. Enel distributes electricity through a network of more than 2.2 million kilometers and, with more than 75 million end users. The Group supplies energy to around 70 million homes and businesses. Enel Green Power, which manages renewables within the Enel Group, has a total capacity of around 54 GW with a generation mix that includes wind, solar, geothermal, hydroelectric and storage plants in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Oceania. Enel X Global Retail, Enel’s global business line of advanced energy services, has a total capacity of approximately 6.6 GW of demand response managed globally and 59 MW of behind-the-meter storage capacity. In addition, Enel X Way is the Group’s new global business line dedicated entirely to electric mobility, managing around 320,000 public and private charging points for electric vehicles worldwide, both directly and through interoperability agreements.

[1] The leadership of Enel in the different categories is defined by comparing it with the data from the 2020 financial year of its competitors, not including publicly owned operators.


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