Enel launches the third digital edition of PlayEnergy,

  • Students between 14 and 20 years old are invited to participate in the company’s digital contest aimed at connecting young people with the values of sustainability, innovation, and the conscious use of energy
  • The 2022 edition of PlayEnergy started on September 5th and will run until March 5th, 2023 and is open to students from seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Italy, and Peru


Rome, September 12th, 2022 – Enel launches, in partnership with Campus Party, the 2022 digital edition of PlayEnergy, the company’s international initiative aimed to bring students between 14 and 20 closer to the world of energy and its conscious and responsible use.

This year’s edition focuses on electrification, inviting participants to discover how electrification from renewable sources can help fight climate change, and how they themselves can actively contribute to a more sustainable, brighter future.

Through a Sci-Fi gamified experience, students will be able to choose their avatar and embark on an adventure as they face successive quests focused on themes that are strategic to the Enel Group, such as renewable energies, grids, electric mobility and sustainability. As players successfully accomplish missions, they will see the initial scenario evolve toward a more modern, electrified, and sustainable city, and they themselves will be able to level up and become “Electrification Champions”. Throughout this journey, the platform hosting the contest will provide students with tools to acquire knowledge, create content and exchange ideas and feedback.

The 2022 edition started on September 5th and will run until March 5th, 2023, involving students from seven countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Italy and Peru.

PlayEnergy participants are invited to give free rein to their imagination, be inspired by the Sci-Fi narrative and what happens around them, in addition to proposing projects that deal with electrification from renewable sources. Participants can play independently or with friends through an online itinerary and will engage in a series of challenges organized in two seasons. Some of the topics covered are:

1.    Energy Footprint

2.    Net Zero emissions – Carbon Neutrality

3.    Advantages of electrification

4.    Renewable energy sources

5.    Power Grids

6.    Electric mobility

Campus Party fully shares Enel's commitment to a more sustainable future and is partner of the PlayEnergy digital initiative for the third consecutive year.

With 130+ editions worldwide, Campus Party is the largest international experience based on innovation and creativity. It is the catalyst that brings together courageous businesses, visionary people, close-knit communities, higher education and cutting-edge institutions to make a global community.

Campus Party is the point of reference for new generations on issues of the future and the conscious use of technology to change the world.

Thanks to its international presence, its attitude towards innovation and its unconventional approach in involving younger generations in planning a better future, Campus Party will focus on expanding the participation of GenZ in the competition and on increasing its visibility towards institutions and private entities in all the seven nations involved.

In April 2023, Campus Party will host "Campus Party Spotlight", the digital event where PlayEnergy finalists will have access to an online hackathon to decree the overall winners.

The first two digital editions of PlayEnergy were a success: 20 millions of young people have been reached worldwide through all the communication channels, more than 15,000 actively participated to the contest and the "Campus Party Spotlight" final events reached out more than 130,000 visitors from 92 countries.

For more information about PlayEnergy and to sign up for this year’s competition, visit: https://playenergy.enel.com/



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