A film that can save the earth

Published on Thursday, 8 September 2016

“This contest gives young people the possibility to tell a story that can change the world”.”

– Lucia Grenna, Connect4Climate Program Manager

Enel is supporting this initiative because it makes a contribution to our project of building a sustainable future for the Earth.

The energy of images, the strength of changes

Images have a strength that convey the energy of life more than any word. This was already our experience with Bring the sun home, the film that describes one of Enel's projects for accessing electricity in Latin America.

Scientific studies and heartfelt calls can capture people's attention with the strength of numbers and statistics, but they lack the power to engage us that comes from seeing with our own eyes how a life changes.

“Young people inspire us every day. COP22 will be an opportunity to show the world their creativity and how they are taking the initiative on climate change.”

– Hakima El Haite, Special envoy for mobilisation towards COP 22 in Morocco

The hope is that by 15 September - the deadline for submitting the videos - thousands of young people will have narrated a world in which they live today and imagine for tomorrow.

Seeing how young boys and girls look to the future of the Earth is an invitation to choose the path of sustainability firmly and without delay.