An opportunity to change the world

Published on Friday, 10 June 2016

“The greatest opportunity for companies is to conceive themselves in a new way in order to do great things, rather than to think about other things to do to better reflect the needs of our society”

– Michael E. Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor, Harvard Business School

We placed sustainability at the heart of our business model, opening up to a new idea of energy that turns plants, electrical grids and infrastructure into tools of a larger and more ambitious project.

Sustainability: a shared value

We welcomed the invitation addressed to businesses by the United Nations to achieve by 2030 the objectives included in the Sustainable Development Goals.

The results achieved and the ambitious goals, described in our Sustainability Report, reflect our daily commitment to offer the people we meet increasingly fair and dignified living conditions that respect health and the environment.

“In 2015, 5.836 million people worldwide have benefited from our 574 projects involving access to energy, socio-economic development and support to the education of local communities”

All our activities complies to the (Creating Shared Value (CSV)) model that sets sustainability as a common goal together with the people who live in the areas where we operate, and opens up new opportunities to help build a better world.

The giants' revolution

Over 50 years of history behind us and its lasting global presence have turned Enel into a consolidated reality. But for us, stability and size are an opportunity to grow, to open ourselves and constantly renew ourselves.

“We expect revolutions to be led by tiny upstarts, not established giants. But Enel is charging the barricades when it comes to clean power”

– Fortune, Change the world List

The challenges of the world we live in calls for new approaches, ideas and answers. This awareness has led to Open Power, our strategic vision that has brought us to be among the companies that drive the global transformation journey towards a new model of sustainable development.