Sun and wind for South African renewal

Published on Monday, 8 February 2016

“South Africa's average CO2 emissions are among the highest in the world and it relies mostly on coal for electricity generation”

The Solar Academy

Since we started being present in this country, we launched training courses at local technical schools on solar PV technologies for domestic use. This first experience gave rise, already in June 2014, to the Enel Green Academy.

Our 'Solar Academy', achieved in a partnership with Master Artisan Academy South Africa, helps turn renewables into an opportunity for the country's development at various levels, combining business and social development.

In South Africa there has been a decline in technical and handicraft professions and skills for some time. Through the Academy, we offer local young people – recently graduated or who are looking for their first job – free and intensive courses, so they can learn how to become specialists in a field that has large prospects in this country.

“We have grid-connected our first solar PV field in South Africa in May 2014. We are currently building six plants, of which four solar fields and two wind farms, and another six wind projects will be built soon”

Renewables get home

The residential solar PV market is moving its first steps in South Africa to meet the needs of consumers who want to self-produce clean electricity in order to reduce their consumption and avoid the risk of blackouts.

We are among the first operators to have started offering households and small businesses cutting-edge solutions to achieve energy independence at home, also integrating small solar PV plants with domestic energy storage systems.

“Enel Green Academy offers free and intensive courses to local young people teaching them to become specialists in solar PV technologies”