The 1000 trees day

Published on Thursday, 14 July 2016

“The last week of the month, in the period from May to September, that is, in the raining season, volunteers meet with the aim of sowing and planting trees”

Enel has been a partner of Plantemos 1000 Árboles for many years, and EGP employees in Guatemala have become dedicated to these events, during which they venture into the country's forests equipped with shovels, buckets and watering cans. Led by the volunteers and driven by great enthusiasm, they completed their mission on behalf of nature on the shores of the Pixcaya river.

Sowing the future together

After the conquistadores led by Hernán Cortés had defeated the Aztecs that inhabited what is now Mexico, they took the road south in order to conquer other regions of the New World. They found a region that in the ancient nahuatl language was called "Cuauhtemallan," meaning "the land of the many tress,"or Guatemala.

Guatemala has been the Country of Trees for more than six hundred years. The volcanic soil and the tropical temperatures have led to the growth of lush forests that volunteers from Plantemos 1000 Árboles look after and protect, with the free assistance of Enel employees.

“More than 5,200 people have participated in the 33 missions promoted by Plantemos 1000 Árboles so far, helping to grow 46,200 new trees”

Plantemos 1000 Árboles is supported by individuals and companies that take part in the six annual sowings and in turn give testimonials about the organisation's work. This experience draws its greatest energy from sharing.

Planting 1,000 trees in one day might seem an ambitious and unattainable, almost crazy target. But Guatemala teaches us that just by getting together you can achieve those revolutionary results that the world needs.