#EnelFocusOn: interacting with key players of the digital world

Published on Friday, 30 September 2016

“Being Open Power means also understanding what we have inside and outside the company. Means being able to listen, being able to interface with others”

– Francesco Starace, CEO

The first meeting was opened by Enel CEO Francesco Starace, accompanied by Ryan O’Keeffe, Director of Communications, Isabella Panizza, Head of Global Digital Communications, and Andrea Falessi, Director of Communications for Enel Italia.

The meeting was held at the Group's Rome headquarters, at the historic offices on Viale Regina Margherita, and included 18 guests, crucial voices in the technology, communication, and innovation sectors in Italy. The influencers promoted the launch of the new corporate website using the #EnelFocusOn hashtag.

The event was a precious opportunity to discuss our digital identity and a chance to gather more information about how Enel's complex ecosystem and the Open Power strategy are perceived from the outside.

The event in Rome was just the first #EnelFocusOn event; similar events will be periodically hosted at Enel's main offices around the world.