Renewable energies to renew Europe

Published on Friday, 10 November 2017

“Just as we are decarbonising the production of energy, today’s technology can enable us to do so also in other sectors, such as transport, which represents a quarter of CO2 emissions in Europe and a significant part of fuel imports”

– Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of Enel

Electric mobility, the Enel CEO explained, represents a precious opportunity for the industry: also, the private sector must rise to the challenge of constructing the infrastructure necessary to encourage the development of low-emission transport. In the same way, for an effective policy to fight climate change, a decisive strategy to increase the energy efficiency of buildings is required. Innovation and new technology today enables us, in fact, to decarbonise diverse uses of energy, from cooking to heating systems.


Building a zero-emission Europe from the bottom up

In order to achieve this goal, European legislators must show the courage to set ambitious targets. Policies to encourage renewable energies and energy efficiency have already achieved notable success in Europe. “This demonstrates that the people know better than their lawmakers about the benefits that can be obtained from decarbonisation initiatives,” concluded our CEO.

In order to succeed there is no need for huge investment, but rather, precise targets, clear rules, decisive interventions and a strategy that involves all of Europe’s citizens from the bottom up, making them the protagonists in the fight against climate change. It is an enormous challenge and one that cannot be postponed, but success can be obtained with a policy based on big decisions and small steps that, on a global scale, make all the difference.