We are Energy, the digital generation

Published on Monday, 23 July 2018

“White hat hackers, the internet data security specialists, are going to be increasingly important and in demand resources in the future. Three years ago, Enel launched a cyber security project with 50 experts working 24 hours a day in over 40 countries worldwide, while we plan to invest €5 billion in digitalisation over the next five years”

– Carlo Bozzoli, Enel Head of Global Digital Solutions

There was also space at the event for 17-year-old Valeria Cagnina, who created her first robot at the age of 11, while watching a tutorial on YouTube, and who at 15 was a senior tester for MIT in Boston. She later set up her own school of robotics.

The event concluded with the prize-giving ceremony for this year’s winners, who came from 16 countries: Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Romania, Italy, United States of America, Greece, South Africa, Mexico, Panama, Spain, Russia and Peru, and this year’s new entry, Australia. The We are Energy community is increasingly global.