The 2018 Sustainability Report

Progress and growth are driven by energy. But to build a healthy future for society and the planet, clean and affordable energy must be available to everyone. And for progress to be sustainable, growth must be achieved by using resources more efficiently.


“Seeding energies” is the name of our sustainable energy programme. As the world’s largest private operator in terms of renewable resources, we are leading the way in the transition towards zero-emission energy. This is in line with the United Nations’ commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Our business model is sustainable at every stage in the value chain and follows the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Furthermore, we have produced a Sustainability Report every year since 2003. This detailed document is aimed at all our stakeholders and outlines the work we are doing in this field. It analyses our performance in all areas with reference to the afore-mentioned SDGs. The Report applies the principles of inclusivity, relevance and compliance set out in the AA1000APS Accountability Principles Standard, and has been prepared in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

Our approach also revolves around people. and that doesn’t just mean our customers. It also includes the local communities involved in the 1,600 or so social projects we have launched. These are taking place in a long list of countries worldwide. We are working together with everyone, both inside and outside the company, in order to meet the exciting challenge of creating long-term sustainability.

Click here to download our 2018 Sustainability Report.